USA Swimming Diversity Coach Mentorship Program


The USA Swimming Diversity Coach Mentorship Program focuses on active coaches in urban areas that are interested in raising their level of expertise and skill. All coaches must be USA Swimming (USAS) certified and shown a commitment to the sport, as well as a desire to improve in their role as Head Coach. Potential mentee coaches are identified by a USA Swimming Diversity & Inclusion Staff member.

After multiple meetings and practice observations qualified coaches are selected for an on-site visit with a mentor coach. The on-site mentoring begins with a Thursday afternoon meeting followed by shadowing of all the mentor coach's practices from Thursday through Saturday, as well as office time facilitated by USA Swimming staff. At the conclusion of the on-site visit the mentee coach receives additional post program follow up visits and program observations from USAS staff.

The feedback from the program has been very positive, with all participating coaches reporting gains in both knowledge and confidence. Post program observations from USA Swimming staff have observed improvements in organization, technical knowledge, and structure of practices. For more information please contact Shaun Anderson at

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