Freestyle Foundations


Nathan Adrian swimming the 100m free at Worlds. Bodyline Russell Mark // National Team High Performance Consultant

It’s no secret that fast freestyle swimming encompasses much more than the arm stroke. From an early age, everyone is taught the importance of good body position, head position, rotation, breathing technique, and a strong kick. But what does it really mean for those aspects to be good?

  • Your knees should bend when you kick a similar amount to when you’re walking.
  • The best rotation is more on your stomach than it is on your side.
  • If your legs hit each other when you kick, or your kick stops while you’re swimming, it is likely caused by too much rotation.
  • A late breath can make someone rotate too much.
  • Breathing too late is the most common flaw that I observe in swimming.

Every coach and athlete can gain something from watching this web presentation below that explains and expands on these fundamental points and more. Video examples and snapshots are used to easily demonstrate these aspects:

Video and Audio Presentation


PDF Slides

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