Equipment: Underwater camera recommendation


By Russell Mark//National Team High Performance Consultant

Underwater video is such a valuable tool to understanding what is really going on with a swimmer’s technique. Coaches want options that are simple to use and easy to replay video, otherwise it becomes an expensive toy that gets left unused. There are many good options available, and this is just the workflow that National Team High Performance Staff uses for its convenience and effectiveness.


• Sanyo waterproof camcorder
• Apple iPad
• Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit
• SD card

With this solution, we get a really nice quality video, a very portable set-up that is easy to travel with and carry around on deck, and the ability to replay the video quickly on a nice screen.


The Sanyo camcorders record to an MP4 format that is iPad-ready. Using the iPad SD card adapter from the Connection Kit, the video is very easily imported onto the iPad (located in Photos). You can replay the video in regular speed on the iPad, or in slow motion using any number of video apps available for cheap or free.


Sanyo has produced a few models of waterproof camcorders available for relatively cheap. If you Google “Sanyo waterproof” you should find many different options online.


Regarding the size of the SD card to purchase, a 4GB card can hold about 1 hour of video.


The one thing to be careful about is making sure no water gets inside the camera when removing the SD card, especially if it’s shortly after using it in the water. Wipe away all excess water before opening the card door.

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