Digital Splash: Hangin' with Schmitty


AMarch-April 2013 Digital Splash cover (Small)llison Schmitt will miss a lot of things about life as a college swimmer, but there’s one thing she definitely won’t.


“I will miss the team, friends and the atmosphere of being in college, but I sure won’t miss jumping into a cold pool at 5 in the morning,” said Schmitt, a senior at the University of Georgia.


Along with bus rides to dual meets and traveling as a “big red blob” when she and her teammates go places together, Schmitt lives a relatively normal life, despite having won three gold medals last summer at the Olympic Games in London.


She gets up, goes to class, takes tests and writes papers, attends the occasional committee meeting, studies and has as much fun as she possibly can with her friends and teammates, holding firmly onto her final days as a college swimmer and student.


Splash kept tabs on Allison’s activities for a couple of days via text messaging, and in our article, "Hangin’ with Schmitty," we recap a typical day in the life of a college student-athlete. Read about it in the March-April issue of Splash.

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