Top-Ten Things #CoachesAre Always Doing or Have With Them


USA Swimming took a stab at naming the top-ten things #CoachesAre always doing or have with them. Tell us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter what your coaches are carrying on deck by using the hashtag #CoachesAre
Throughout April, #CoachesAre will highlight the positive impact our more than 17,000 swim coaches are making across the country.


1. #CoachesAre always, and we mean always, drinking coffee


(Coffee and Cigarettes, MGM) 

5 a.m. comes early for everyone, not just the swimmers.



2. #CoachesAre always wearing sunglasses


(The Sandlot, Twentieth Century Fox)

Even at night.


3. #CoachesAre never without a stopwatch


(Kicking and Screaming, Universal Pictures), FASTER!!!


4. #CoachesAre Good at staying hydrated


(The Waterboy, Touchstone Pictures)

Because staring at water all day makes you thirsty.


5. #CoachesAre the loudest at practice


(Glee, FOX)

Yes, even swimmers can hear their coaches when they are underwater.


6. #CoachesAre checking deck pass


(Zoolander, Paramount Pictures)

Gotta earn that really, really, really ridiculously good-looking patch!


7. #CoachesAre always the most fashionable on the pool deck


(Friends, Warner Brothers Entertainment)

Tan lines are a coach's best friend.


8. #CoachesAre protected against uv rays



(Summer Rental, Paramount Pictures)  

SPF or bust!


9. #CoachesAre always ready to motivate


(Miracle,  Walt Disney)

...that is what we have here tonight, swimmers. That is what you've earned here tonight.

10. #CoachesAre energetic


(Rookie of the Year, Twentieth Century Fox)

Let's swim some laps! Let's swim some laps!

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