Amylopectin Based Recovery Drinks


Written by Dan McCarthy, USA Swimming National Team High Performance Consultant


Workout recovery drinks made from amylopectin starch compete against the traditional post-workout recovery drinks, which are made from simple sugars (sucrose, glucose, fructose, lactose and maltose). Amylopectin based recovery drinks claim their product is absorbed through the digestion system quicker; and it delivers glycogen to muscles faster than simple-sugar based post-workout recovery drinks. It is important to note that using an amylopectin based recovery product does not mean more glycogen will be absorbed by the muscle tissue, but that the tissue will be replenished quicker than from using a simple-sugar based recovery drink. Additionally, consuming an amylopectin based recovery drink prior to exercise, or during a period of non-exercise, will cause a surge in blood glucose and subsequently a surge in insulin as well. As with all supplements, the athlete is responsible for ensuring no prohibited substances enter their system.

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