Phavorite Phelps Moments


By Mike Gustafson//Correspondent

The Beijing “Phelps Phinish.” The Shaq “race” on primetime TV. The medley relay sportsmanship decision in 2004. The 22nd Olympic medal grin.

Michael Phelps has treated the swimming world to endless medals, moments, and memories. So, just minutesMichael Phelps waves to the crowd after becoming the reatest Olympian of all time. (Medium) after his final race concluded in London, I asked my followers to tell me via Twitter their favorite Phelpsian moments.

The feedback I received in the minutes afterwards was astounding. Rather than pontificate on what I think are the greatest Phelps moments of all-time, I decided it would be more appropriate to share what some of the biggest fans in the sport of swimming thought. (Although for the record, the Phelps Phinish vs. Cavic is my favorite all-time moment.)

Without further ado… Presenting some of your Phavorite Michael Phelps Moments. (FYI Twitter followers, I couldn’t include all your comments, but I tried…)

@Jackmcnack96 – My favorite Phelps moment was his reaction after the 400 free relay in Beijing 2008. Goosebumps every time.

@kaithlyn_torrez -- When Phelps out-touched Cavic in Beijing 2008! Watching that reminds me to never glide into the wall, ever!

@ryanswims1212 -- Its got to be the 2008 olympics his 100 fly... magnificent is the only word that describes it. Amazing comeback! #USA

@ericearling -- Seeing him in person @ 05 Worlds. He missed 400 free finals then came back to crush Hacket in 200 free (w/ new AR).

@KaileeRicks -- When he won by 1-1200th of a second!! :)

@xosms22ox -- Definitely the 100 fly in rome, the rematch against cavic without a doubt!

@MysticPlato -- In 2004, when he gave up his spot in the 400 MR finals to Crocker who had been sick earlier in the week. Classy and humble.

@The_iSack -- Beating shaq in his challenge when he did 100 and shaq did a 50!

@missyyyd -- Debbie's reaction to the Beijing 100 fly #priceless

@MacarenaSR29 -- I love when Michael Phelps won Milorad Cavic in butterfly. There started Michael Phelps kingdom !

@Fru4 -- So hard to tell...maybe i would say winning 100 fly in Beijing. But there is a million.

@morganfox19 -- Probably his famous look after Jason Lezak outtouched France and his hopes for 8 medals in 08 were alive. #8For8In08

@TrinhLily -- Or when he tears up during the medal ceremonies.

@jaynine819 -- The smile on his face after every race, whether he achieved his goals or not

@TrinhLily -- Everytime he pats someone on the back to congratulate them. Most of all, his friendship w/ @ryanlochte

@AlexRendle -- Oh jeez, too many to choose from.

@iCoachSwim -- 2012 200 fly w/LeClos winning-showed a great maturing to mentor via his interaction with LeClos-can Utell I am a coach?

@MacarenaSR29 -- When he won 8 gold medals in Pekin, it was amazing, of course.

@romillie -- That moment he's singing his last national anthem as a gold medalist. He looks relieved & contented. He's just purely happy.

@vandarella817 -- When @MichaelPhelps was awarded for his last individual race. He was emotional, enjoying the moment & holding back the tears

@KHurley3 -- I'll never forget literally jumping up and down on the couch the last leg of Beijing’s 4x100 free relay, wanted that so bad

@julianna_jo -- When he was tearing up at the medal ceremony

@rwantsmore -- Always the last race he did. Maybe the 100 fly at the Beijing Olympics

@KHurley3 -- I'm a big Thorpedo fan and loved rivalry in Athens as well, remember watching Phelps in Sydney and being excited for Athens

@maggiehanna -- When he came in second in the 200 fly and was showing Le Clos what to do after. Great athlete and wonderful sportsmanship.

@e_turner456 -- His last medal ceremony. Standing up there with his teammates one last time, it's the happiest I've ever seen him.

@skyedoeslondon -- First favorite: Athens 4x200. Keller holding off Thorpe is forever seared in my memory.

@iadoreMPnRL -- Just being able to cheer him on & to see the glowing smile on his face

@jack_bremer -- Not one definitive moment, but how great his chest presses each butterfly stroke. Unreal!!

@TheMafiaLife -- When he set up the Michael Phelps Foundation. Incredible contribution to swimming, a real eye opener to so many young people!

@StephanieHermes -- Missouri grand prix 2008. Saw him break world record in 200m fly. First time seeing him swim live. Phelps was shocked. The crowd was shocked. The commentators never saw a swimmer break a world record with a beard! I have never seen anything like it

@Me_ArunR -- 100m butterfly final miracle 'touch to the wall' at Beijing 2008 against Cavic.

@DKarenNY -- Seeing michael phelps on the podium one last time tonight

@Lacucinadikait -- In rome when he set the wr in the 100 fly, he looked so determined and I loved his reaction!

@mattwhittle_ -- The scare he was going to lose the 100 fly in '08 but somehow getting his hand on the wall first.

@mathlove3 -- It's when he won the 100m fly this year. he hadn't won an individual gold yet at that point and his comeback was top class

@KHurley3 -- Never thought I'd be more in to swimming than gymnastics, but Michael has that effect, I watch swimming in off years now

@Marialet28 -- 2009 in Rome when he won the 100 fly in a WR, pumped up ripped his cap off and bashed his chest after beating Cavic AGAIN

@Jolly4Saints -- The fingernail race 100 M Fly :-)

@ajp -- Phelps vs Erik Vendt breaking the 400 I’m world record in fort lauderdale is mine. Also 2009 100 fly against cavic w/ hype.

@aindap -- 200M Free 2004 Athens, he didn't win gold, but what a stacked field and race!

@KWybenga -- It's impossible to pick just one. Every time he stepped up on the blocks and slapped his back, winning that 8th gold...

@MalakLili -- I wish i could tell u, but my english is not good enought :p!

@bunnyrenee -- You gonna put the duel with Shaq in? Don't forget before 8 golds in 08, he was amazing in 07 Worlds too

@AlexRendle -- I think seeing his thanks towards his teammates after the relays in Beijing, the reaction when Lezak touched first. WOW!

@LindsayTakkunen -- I loved the Phelps/Crocker Era. Some amazing races between those two.

@alepenaherrera -- the look on his eyes when he was singing the national anthem for the last time

@sofia_trani -- I love how he handled his loss to Le Clos, I thought it was very mature and he continued to be the hero Le Clos thinks he is

@ZeenatZaman -- Everytime he bagged a Medal, it Seemed as if he's takin it for the first Time! Showed Same Zeal N Enthusiasm! @MichaelPhelps

@SupaSlySahar -- 2008 Beijing, Phelps reaction after Lezak out touched the french. He looked like the king of the world. #FaveMoment

@Gehrke_Jerky -- Definitely when he swam against Shaq for Tv.

@Erul_Mansi -- America will never forget Michael Phelps because he has a lot of donated gold to America and we're happy with his achievements

@alegarrido01 -- Beijing's 100 fly and 4x100 free Relay. And of course his reaction after winning the 100 fly in Rome!!

@cweaver96 -- No doubt when he out touched Cavic in the 100 fly in Beijing. "The Phelps Phinish"

@lauren_wren -- His reaction to the relay win in Beijing, but this year definitely the way he handled his loss during the 400im #classy

@juliethewildman -- I remember being 8 years old and watching Ian and Michael swim the 200 free in '04. My dad said "this kid is gonna be big"

@kimbellh -- Phavorite Phelps Moment: That king-of-the-world scream after the 4x100 free relay in Beijing!

@pilkka777 -- His swim in the 800 free relay, it showed that he wasn't going to be knocked down by a couple of losses

@OssiningSpartan -- So many but it was watching him cheer Nathan on with Ryan L. He's grown into his skin right before our eyes.

@IrisTwitts -- @MichaelPhelps favorite moments: screaming like a beast at the 4x100 medley in Beijing when @JasonLezak touched the wall

@MaggieJMeyer -- 2fly WR Missouri GP '07 & 1st time I saw him race in person, Councilman Classic '04, awed by his massive wake in the 2free

@uyeahu -- Favorite phelps moment will be Olympic medal #23 that he'll win in 2016 or 2020.

@SpeedoBP -- '04 4x100 relay that he swam prelim for and gave Crocker a chance at redemption. Showed his true character and team attitude

@JamieRaeRae -- The way he turned his mouth into a whale blowhole after races.

@pattyk12 -- Giving up his medley relay spot in '04 #class #GOAT

@northstar99 -- When he gave his spot to Crocker on the medley relay in Athens. Classy.

@eenders88 -- Probably when he put swimming on the map for the world!

@Brendadi94 -- My favorite at #London2012 was in the 100m butterfly, when he was 7th and suddenly he appeared out of nowhere and won!!

@Penny_kt_lsu -- '08 400 IM Olympic Trials final, when Phelps and Lochte both went under the existing WR. Best swimming race ever?

@Auhtumn -- 100 fly Beijing 2008. My heart nearly stopped on that one.

@ivandarella817 - Another MP fave moment: Each time he talks abt the sport, his family & life, his face lights up. It's so amazing and viral...that it's like the only disease I'd like to catch: His passion for just about anything in life.

Got more Phavorite Phelps Moments? Tell Mike on Twitter (@MikeLGustafson).

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