Coaches Should Know; National Team Coaches Seminar


Editor’s Note: Every Friday, will publish “Coaches You Should Know” featuring some of the best age group and grassroots coaches in the nation. Also during April, as a part of #CoachesAre month, the “Coach You Should Know” will be telling you what being a coach means to them.


This week we will be featuring Frank Busch, USA Swimming National Team Director, as he explains what “Coaches Should Know” about the National Team Coaches Seminar that occurred from April 21-23 at the USA Swimming headquarters and Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. Coaches gathered from all across the country to hear from speakers such as Jerry Colangelo, former president of the Phoenix Suns and current Chairman of USA Basketball and learn tips on how to improve their styles and techniques within their coaching careers.


Frank listed the top-ten things that #CoachesAre benefiting from attending the National Team Coaches Seminar.


1. Failures or mistakes were crucial to the growth and testing of a theory for all of these coaches.
2. USA Swimming has some really intelligent and curious coaches, letting them be heard raises the bar for all who are involved in the swimming community.
3. Connecting with the athlete is critical; sell, don't tell and listen to the story.
4. Alternative training modalities (technique, strength and conditioning, relationship building) should be long term; it's a journey.
5. There's no "right" way to make athletes successful.
6. Learning how to communicate is just as important, if not more so, than what to communicate.
7. Jerry Colangelo and Bob Bowman talking about persistence in your career and controlling your own destiny.
8. Progress: everything is a journey, always be learning, growing and moving forward. Every new skill is a building block.
9. Honesty: always be honest and genuine (with your swimmers, staff, team parents, etc.) because people will see through insincerity quickly.
10. Our best coaches are so willing and eager to learn from each other AND share with each other. The sense of community is a huge part of the United States’ Olympic success. 

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