Follow-Up to the President’s Message


Photo of Bruce Stratton. (Small)Last week, USA Swimming President, Bruce Stratton distributed his most recent “President’s Message.”  This Message was also published on the USA Swimming website.  

President Stratton has received a number of responses, both pro and con, which is probably to be expected given that the “President’s Message” was entirely focused on the proposed dues increase for athlete and non-athlete members.  

To date, the comments received represent a wide spectrum of opinions.  We think there is value in sharing a sampling of these comments.  Following is a fair representation of the comments received to date:

  • “As an official, you have placed the financial burden of BGC's (background checks) on us. You also created new requirements for Administrative personnel to join USAS and have BGC's. That now makes for an extra registration fee that many families now have to pay.”  - Gary F.
  • "A decrease in annual dues seems a bit more in line with the economy – or at least a reduction in the rate of increase. I am not buying into the argument for an increase in the rate of increase. 'Just raise prices' is very old-line traditional thinking.   Time for some innovative thinking at USA Swimming." - James P.
  • “Just wanted to send along my compliments on your recent message to membership concerning the dues increase and how it will be used and also the future goals for the organization and the sport. I know how often we only hear about the problems, but in reading your message I felt that the questions often asked of me in concern to this issue were nicely stated and proactively addressed in this message.” - John B.
  • “I feel the increase could be greater and would likely encounter no meaningful protest from the membership. I could not have scripted a better path for my two children than the sport of swimming. As proud members of Indiana Swimming we are acutely aware of the role USA Swimming plays in the lives of swimmers and their families.” - Vernon L.
  • “The following statement about future programs, ‘Establish programs to help retiring National Team athletes transition into the workplace’ just does not fly with me.  … Maybe as part of the Club Recognition program, there can be three levels of advertisement money available for these clubs so USA Swimming can help the clubs doing it right to promote their clubs...Build the Base!" - Bill M.
  • “Your July media release regarding dues for the next decade is absolutely outstanding. I do not remember a similar rationale 10 years ago with this kind of advance notice and such detail as to what was accomplished with the increases of the past decade and the proposals for the next decade. While there will undoubtedly be some naysayers, you have laid a basis of justification that should serve USA Swimming well in the House of Delegates.” - Ted H.
  • “I hate to say this but the rank and file swimmers/parents/officials of our team (and the teams in our league) get very little value from USA Swimming. We get approval for our Sanctions, an LSC Championship meet, & insurance. As far as any hands on local help we get basically nothing.” - David M.
  • “Thank you for your message and expanded explanation for the real need of a very modest increase in dues, as well as the updates on just how our dues money is used. I support the increase. We are a swimming family and are proud to be part of a very successful organization and sport. I feel it very important for you to maintain and increase this transparency of the financial side of the business. The PGA and LPGA are the only other sporting organizations I can think of that have the class and integrity that USA Swimming has.” - Jeffrey R.
  • “Is there now or in the future any proposal's to INVITE Native People to become involved in USA Swimming? I do KNOW Swimming is an expensive sport, but possibly the Casino's and other Native money makers would/could help in this.” - Edna S.
We encourage members to send their questions, concerns and suggestions to President Stratton at:  All comments will be carefully considered and a personal response will be send back to each individual who contributes to this dialogue.  Comments and responses will also be shared with the USA Swimming Board of Directors for their consideration.

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