USA Swimming House of Delegates Passes Legislation


USA Swimming’s membership body voted to approve multiple areas of legislation Saturday at the House of Delegates meeting at the annual United States Aquatic Sports Convention in Garden Grove, Calif.


A complete list of the adopted legislation/resolution is available here.


Click here for the initial Proposed Amendments to the 2013 Rules and Regulations.


The proposed resolution regarding a membership dues increase was approved by the House of Delegates. The dues will increase at a rate of $2 dollars a year for a period of 10 years beginning with the 2015 membership year. For more information, check out this President's Message from Bruce Stratton.


Multiple areas of legislation specific to USA Swimming’s Safe Sport efforts passed the USA Swimming House of Delegates without discussion or debate illustrating the membership’s commitment to USA Swimming’s Safe Sport effort.  The legislation strengthened the Code of Conduct as it pertains to coach-athlete relationships, peer-to-peer abuse, and now allows USA Swimming to take action against instances of abuse which were non-criminal that occurred prior to an individual’s application for membership. For full information on the legislation, see R-12, R-13, and R-14.


USA Swimming’s Safe Sport Program is committed to raising awareness to reduce the risk of abuse in sport. The organization has developed one of the most comprehensive safe sport programs in Olympic sport and is committed to fostering a fun, healthy and safe environment for all of its members. Since the inception of the USA Swimming Safe Sport program in 2010, the organization has continued to expand and grow its Safe Sport efforts. For more information, visit


An area of legislation which received much debate Saturday was R-9, which would revise the sectional requirements and guidelines. The Senior Sectional Taskforce proposed this piece of legislation to standardize the administrative processing of running sectional meets. The legislation passed with a slight amendment, giving more flexibility to the number of days a sectional meet could last.


R-17, which would have changed the annual House of Delegates meeting to a biennial meeting rather than a yearly meeting did not pass and was voted down by the House of Delegates.


The House of Delegates also passed HK-6 - legislation which clarifies that Swim-A-Thon™ events are licensed by the USA Swimming Foundation. For more information on Swim-A-Thon™, visit the homepage here

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