All I Want for Christmas is…


Christmas Tree (large)

By Mike Watkins//Correspondent

Have you sat on Santa’s lap this season and told him what you want for Christmas? Perhaps new goggles? How about a new swim cap? What about a spot on the National Team?


Everyone wishes for something this time of year, and the following are some things USA Swimming athletes – current and past – are asking for this holiday season.

Nick Brunelli

“…all the vacation time back that I used on swim meets over my 25-year career!”


Rachel Bootsma
“…to be home and spend time with my sister.”


Mel Stewart
“...time to swim. NO! An Epic Red Dragon camera. NO! A nap...yeah, a nap would be nice. Better yet, an 8-hour float in a sensory deprivation tank. Yep, I’ll take the last one over a nap.”


Claire Donahue
“…more time with my new baby nephew. A strange thing to ask Santa for Christmas, but he is the cutest thing I've ever seen. His name is Everett, and he is almost 5 months old. One second he'll be laughing then in that same breath he'll start crying. Since Winter Nationals this December were in Knoxville, right outside my hometown, Everett got to come. He may not have understood what was going on, but seeing him in the stands after I won my first national championship made it that much more special. With my training I don't get to see him that often, so for Christmas I'm going to try to spend every moment I have with him and my family.”


Keri Hehn
“…to be in swimming shape so I could compete one more time!”


Adam Small
“…for it to snow on Mt. Lemon in Tucson, Arizona. (Incidentally, Adam got his wish last week when it did snow).”


Alyssa Anderson
“…a Jolyn swimsuit!"


Mary DeScenza Moehler
“…a clean house, a good night of sleep, a happy toddler and warm pool to get a nice swim in.”


Emily Silver
“…to be next to my wonderful boyfriend, spend time with my amazing family and friends, and to learn to love the SNOW!”


Scott Goldblatt
“…for my kids to grow up to be great people and successful in whatever they decide to do/participate in."


Sara Nicponski
“…to snowboard on fresh powder when I come home from the "concrete jungle" that is Manhattan.”


Ryan Murphy
“…a wallet. Ha ha! But all I really want for Christmas is a great day with my family. Nothing beats that.”


Adam Ritter
“…to simply be able to enjoy the holidays with my family without having recurring nightmares of past Holiday training sessions! Well, that or some of my Mom's famous Christmas cookies would suffice!”


Ed Moses
“…the home delivery veggie truck to stop sounding like the ice cream truck because every time I run over, I am in utter disappointment. No one wants spinach when they are expecting a King Cone!”


Nancy Hogshead-Makar
“…to share joy with my family. Given our extensive preparations, it's a shoe-in. What I'd really like on Christmas morning is to give the gift of positive sports experiences - equal to those of boys, closing the 1.3 million opportunity-gap. And let's throw in sports coaching, leadership and media opportunities for women as well. Even though I work at this year-round, it's not a certainty without a bigger team playing that game.”


Robert Margalis
“…some minimalist running shoes.”


Ashley Steenvoorden
“…to spend the day with my family and friends. We have family traditions that I look forward to each year! Merry Christmas!”


Tyler McGill
“…an Auburn Football National Championship!!!”


Madison Kennedy
“…to make a clone of myself. One would live in California and, of course, one here getting things done in Charlotte. Or maybe a private jet. Whichever.”


Kelsey Ditto
“…some time to rest and relax with my family in Austin, Texas...and some SoulCycle classes (Indoor spin classes).”


Maritza Correia McClendon
"...for Chad, me and the kids to arrive in Florida on Christmas morning without any flight issues. :) Fingers crossed we don't miss our connection and no weather issues will cancel flights."

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