Resolutions for 2014


By Mike Watkins//Correspondent

Each year, we make them – but how many of us really keep our New Year’s resolutions? 


According to, 45 percent of Americans usually make resolutions at the beginning of each year, but only 8 percent are successful in achieving them. People who explicitly make resolutions – as in write them down or tell others what their resolutions are – are 10 times more likely to attaint their goals.


That’s good news for the following athletes, coaches and USA Swimming staff who are making this year’s resolutions public. Maybe we’ll check back mid-year to see how they’re doing. 


In the meantime, here is what they are resolving to accomplish in 2014. 


Ryan Murphy 

“My resolutions are to stop procrastinating, be more friendly during morning practice (I'm kind of a zombie in the morning and I bet it makes me miserable to be around) and be better about keeping in touch with some old buddies.”


Kara Lynn Joyce 
“I don't usually make them. I think just making sure I'm always challenging myself in new ways is a goal for every year.”


Garrett Weber-Gale 
“I'm not huge on resolutions. I think if you have to make a resolution that means you have been consciously doing something poorly or subpar even when you know you could be better, which is why I try not to have to have resolutions in the first place. That being said, my resolution is to add running to my routine and run three times per week for 30 minutes. I have done it in the past, and I think it made my legs much more athletic and gave me more explosiveness. Plus, running is a good way to add a nice aerobic component to my training routine that is different than anything you'll get in the pool.


Leila Vaziri 
“Travel, love, learn.”


Adam Small 
“Get more consistent sleep.”


Bobby Savulich 
“Don't pee in the pool.”


Ariana Kukors 
“I'm not a huge resolution person. I try to make them a year-round thing!”


Jessica Hardy
“I think my 2014 resolution will be to take time to be grateful for at least one thing each day.”


Katie Ledecky 
“My resolution is to find more ways to be creative, whether it be artistically, musically or by helping other people.”


Matt Farrell, USA Swimming 
“My resolution is to collaborate within our industry to grow participation at the grassroots level and help local clubs market and promote themselves better than ever.”


Bruce Gemmell 
“Swimming resolution: spend quality training time working on starts. Personal/family resolution:  plan a family trip/vacation that I actually take.”


Kaitlin Sandeno 
“Read more, cook more, inspire more and pay it forward.” 


Peter Vanderkaay 

"In 2014, my resolution is to challenge my mind and body to do things I didn't think were possible."


Kim Vandenberg 

“My No. 1 resolution is to spend more time with my family, especially my grandparents! Thankfully, I'm going to spend a week with my grandma and cousins in Utah at the beginning of January, and I also get to see my sister in Germany at the end of January.”


Laura Sogar 

“My first resolution is to learn how to cook. In school, it's hard to find the time to make homemade, healthy meals, and I know next to nothing about cooking so it will be interesting! My other resolution is to talk on the phone more. So many of my conversations occur through text messaging, and I hate how impersonal it can be. I want to be that annoying friend who calls and leaves voicemails in order to hopefully have more meaningful conversations.”


Shannon Vreeland 

“My resolutions are to make the most of my senior year and enjoy my last bit of time in Athens and be as good of a captain as possible in leading our team into my last NCAAs!”


Andrew Gemmell

“My resolution is to do a better job recovering – sleeping, eating the right things at the right time, etc. The older I get, the more important it is to recover well. That's just one thing, although there's never a shortage of things I could improve upon! “


Lenny Krayzelburg 

“My resolution is to strive to continue having a physically active lifestyle and bring a positive attitude and energy to everyone that I come across. Continue to build my swim academies franchise by opening new partnership sites, but also focusing on finding ways to improve and enhance my current programs.”

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