Top-Ten Things #CoachesAre


USA Swimming took a stab at naming the top-ten things #CoachesAre. Tell us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter what coaches are to you using the hashtag #CoachesAre


Throughout April, #CoachesAre will highlight the positive impact our more than 17,000 swim coaches are making across the country. 


1. #CoachesAre fundamentalists

(The Office, NBC)

Coaches are sticklers for teaching the fundamentals of swimming.


2. #CoachesAre motivators

(New Girl, FOX)

Someone needs to motivate swimmers during those early morning practices...


3. #CoachesAre able to make practice fun

(Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, DreamWorks via YouTube)

But at least those early morning practices might end with a fun game or drill!


4. #CoachesAre leaders

(Major Payne, Universal Pictures )

And coaches generally know best.

5. #CoachesAre always challenging you to be great

(Parks and Recreation, NBC)

And that goes for inside and outside of the pool


6. #CoachesAre fans of fitness

Tony Perkis on Make A Gif

(HeavyWeights, Walt Disney Pictures)

Particularly those dry-land workouts

7. #CoachesAre mentors


(The Karate Kid, Columbia Pictures)

They always have a reason for doing what they are doing.

8. #CoachesAre your biggest fan

(Friday Night Lights, NBC)

Who else would be this excited that you got to the wall first?


9. #CoachesAre making you a better teammate

(The Mighty Ducks, Walt Disney Pictures)

Because swimmers always (butter)fly together.


10. #CoachesAre fans of the Triple Lindy

(Back To School, Orion Pictures)

I mean....who isn't?


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