To all USA Swimming members,

We appreciate your continued engagement and attention given to the very important task of ensuring compliance with USOPC Bylaws. Over the last few months, we have communicated and actively engaged with the many USA Swimming stakeholders in an effort to ensure that nothing is missed, and that our membership feels well-informed and is given an opportunity for their voices to be heard.


Following the enactment of the Empowering Olympic, Paralympic and Amateur Athlete Act, which was signed into law by the President on October 30, 2020 and the adoption of the updated United States Olympic and Paralympic Committees Bylaws on October 8, 2020, USA Swimming is required to update its operational policies, bylaws, and rules in order to remain compliant with the USOPC Bylaws and federal law.


April 16 marks the official publication of our member-crafted proposals and the first day of the notice and comment period, in which we want to hear your feedback, suggestions, comments, and questions. This notice and comment period will continue until Thursday, May 6 (the day prior to the next Board of Directors Meeting).


For us to remain compliant under federal law, it was decided that a Special Meeting of the House of Delegates (HOD) would be called to enact the necessary changes on June 30, 2021.


The Special Meeting of the HOD is necessary to address the USOPC/federal mandates in three areas: the Board of Directors, committees, and the House of Delegates.


In September, the regular HOD meeting will take place, at which regular business will be addressed and elections in accordance with the new requirements will be conducted.


The member-crafted proposals were proposed by three subject-specific Governance Committees (led by Bill Schalz, Jeanette Skow, and Katie Meili, respectively). The Governance Committee also selected the individuals who comprised each Working Group, with one representative from the Rules & Regulations Committee, one representative from the Athletes’ Executive Committee (AEC), one coach, one official, one Local Swimming Committee (LSC) General Chair, two at-large members, and two 10-Year Athletes.


The Working Groups met on a weekly basis, starting the week of February 26, and have now finalized their proposals.


Please review the three sets of proposals, as well as the additional materials, and let us know your thoughts – we want to hear from you. Please use the comment box below the proposals or email We will be posting frequently asked questions on a regular basis and will continue to provide you all with weekly updates in our Friday communications.


Go USA Swimming!




Chris Brearton, Chair, Governance Committee and Chair-Elect, USA Swimming Board of Directors


Bob Vincent, Chair, USA Swimming Board of Directors

Working Group Proposals

Have feedback?

Please let us know of any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback you have on the Working Group Proposals. 
Board of Directors Working Group

Chair: Jeanette Skow


Role Name
AEC Rep. Jack Swanson
R&R Rep. Jim Kelly
Official Sally Taggart
Coach Tom Phillips
At-Large Mary Ellen Tynan
At-Large Patric Mills
LSC General Chair Terry Stoddard
10-Year Rule Athlete Caitlin Leverenz
10-Year Rule Athlete Andrew Gemmell
Committees Working Group

Chair: Katie Meili 


Role Name
AEC Rep. Ellery Parish
R&R Rep. Rachel Stratton-Mills
Official Wayne Shulby
Coach Kate Chronic
At-Large Maria Davila
At-Large Wade Atkins
LSC General Chair Taylor Rogers
10-Year Rule Athlete Anthony Ervin
10-Year Rule Athlete Madison Kennedy
House of Delegates Working Group

Chair: Bill Schalz


Role Name
AEC Rep. Ryan Gibbons
R&R Rep. Mickey Smythe
Official Ellen Colket
Coach Mary Liston
At-Large Kim O'Shea
At-Large Bradley Jacobs
LSC General Chair Joe Gazzarato
10-Year Rule Athlete Tom Shields
10-Year Rule Athlete Ashley Twichell
Questions related to the Board of Directors Working Group Proposals


NOTE: These FAQs will be updated on a regular basis. If you have any questions related to the Working Group Proposals, please submit them below.
Is the working group proposing any other changes for the Board of Directors or House of Delegates to consider?

Did the working group consider recommending any additional changes to the Board structure?

How will these changes to the Board's composition make us a better organization?

How will the new Board structure be different from the current one?

Will the new Board structure change the number of coaches, semi-independent members, or the requirement that there must be at least one at-large member from each of the four geographic zone areas?

Will the new Board structure change how the Board of Directors are elected by the House of Delegates?

Will the new Board structure change how the athlete elections will take place?

What were the considerations in maintaining a Board size of 15 voting members?

Why did the working group select all five athlete Board representatives as 10 Year Athletes?

Questions related to the House of Delegates Working Group Proposals


Why do we need to make these changes?

What is the rationale for reducing the size of the House of Delegates (HOD)?

How do we ensure the interests of those no longer part of HOD are heard/represented?

Who can an LSC pick as a delegate?

What happens if we do not comply with the USOPC bylaws or the pertinent federal law?

Does Colorado law allow the annual meeting or a special meeting to be held in a hybrid of in person and virtual?

General Questions related to the Working Group Proposals


Did USA Swimming decide to increase the required voting power of international delegation event athletes to 33.33%?

Why does the House of Delegates fall into this category?

Why does USA Swimming have to comply with the USOPC Bylaws?

Does the USOPC have the right to decertify USA Swimming?

Does Congress have the right to decertify USA Swimming?

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