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USA Swimming offers its members two forms of insurance: liability and accident insurance. These insurance policies are aimed at providing USA Swimming members with peace of mind and protection. Below is a summary of the liability and accident insurance policies, claims information, and certificate of insurance request forms.
Request an Insurance Certificate

Request an insurance certificate for a pool facility or other venue requiring evidence of your member club’s insurance through USA Swimming.


Complete a Report of Occurrence

In the event of an injury or health incident at a USA Swimming-related activity, complete an accident report form.


Insurance 101

USA Swimming’s annual insurance information packet providing clubs and LSCs a summary of insurance coverage available through membership with USA Swimming.


Types of Insurance Available Through Membership with USA Swimming


  • Participant Accident/Excess Medical Insurance – USA Swimming members and volunteers are covered under this policy for accidental injuries sustained when participating in a USA Swimming supervised, sponsored, sanctioned, or approved event. The policy covers costs in excess of an individual’s health insurance or subject to a $100 deductible if they do not have health insurance.
  • General Liability Insurance – This policy covers 3rd party injuries arising out of covered group or individual members’ negligence when participating in Covered Activities. Facilities will often request evidence of this insurance to allow a club to practice or host a meet at their location.

For both policies, see the Insurance 101 document above for additional information on policy  coverage, terms, conditions, and exclusions.


General Liability
What are our limits of insurance? (1/1/2024 - 1/1/2025)

Participant Accident/Excess Medical
What are our limits of insurance? (1/1/2024 - 1/1/2025)

USA Swimming Insurance Coverage for the Club
What must a club do to have the benefit of USA Swimming’s insurance coverage?

What is not covered under the USA Swimming insurance program?

Coaching and Insurance
Is a coach member of USA Swimming who is Unattached (not attached to a USA Swimming member club) covered by insurance? Can they provide a facility an insurance certificate as proof that they have insurance?

What types of dryland training activities might be covered vs. not covered?

Who may Coach swim practices and competitions? Who may coach Dryland Training?

Membership and Insurance
A member of the United States Masters Swimming, Inc. practices with a USA Swimming team. What is the status of the liability insurance for the USA Swimming member club and its members?

Can non-members practice at the same time as our USA Swimming member club practice?

Can we become a member club of USA Swimming if only a portion of our athletes are members of USA Swimming? If so, does the club have insurance coverage in this situation?

Fundraising and Social Activities
What types of Fundraising and Social Activities are covered for USA Swimming member teams?

What if our team owns our facility?

What should we do if our facility rental agreement requires the club to maintain insurance?

Report of Occurrence/Online Reporting
How is USA Swimming notified when an accident occurs?

Other Questions
What level of supervision is required for the liability insurance to apply in the event of a claim?

Does a USA Swimming club have liability coverage if they design and build their own starting blocks or make changes to existing blocks?

My team is planning to travel to Hawaii for a very important swim meet. I would like to know what insurance coverage the team has while traveling, while at the meet, and while sightseeing under USA Swimming. Every member of our team is a USA member.

Does a USA Swimming club have automobile liability coverage under the USA Swimming program?

Are you having an event not covered by the USA Swimming insurance program?

IOA offers single event liability insurance, get a quote here: 


Are you having a Learn to Swim Event?

USA Swimming's insurance does not cover events involving learning to swim.


RMS offers learn to swim liability insurance, learn more here:


Other Insurance

The following are examples of insurance policies not included in the USA Swimming membership insurance program. Your club should review with a local attorney or insurance agent to determine whether you might need to obtain any insurance in addition to the USA Swimming member insurance program.


  • Directors & Officers
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance
  • Crime Coverage
  • Special Activities and Events
  • Workers Compensation
  • Property Insurance for Equipment and Business Owners Package Policy


If you have any additional questions, comments or concerns, please contact

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