The goal of the LSC Evaluation and Achievement Program (LEAP) is to assist LSCs in effectively serving their membership. The LEAP program provides a road map to LSC effectiveness and success in three key areas: 
  • LSC Governance Structure
  • LSC Program Offerings
  • LSC Communication Structure
What is LEAP?

LEAP is required for each LSC and must be re-certified every two years according to the provided schedule.

The intent of LEAP is to serve as a companion to the LSC Affiliation Agreement to:

  • Help LSCs self-evaluate the services and programming they provide to LSC members.
  • Identify areas of strength and need in the LSC.
  • Ensure continuity in LSC Governance as leadership changes.

The LEAP process is designed to assist LSCs to improve the services they offer to athletes, coaches, volunteers and families. LSCs will access LEAP through the USA Swimming LEARN platform. USA Swimming staff will coordinate with LSCs and approve each section of LEAP prior to re-certification.

LSC Leadership Course

USA Swimming's free LSC Leadership Course provides an introduction to Local Swim Committees for LSC leaders and volunteers. In this course you'll:


  • learn about the governance structure of USA Swimming and where your LSC fits in
  • the basic principles of nonprofit governance
  • how those principles apply to real-life situations in the LSC, and
  • how to plan for the future of your LSC