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Monday, February 6, 2017

Online Clinic Series - Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Stay up to date with the latest Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion topics with this series! The DEI series features presentations from diverse teams, the National Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee, and USA Swimming staff. 

Date Topic Speaker Slides Link Recording Link
4/8/15 Buffalo City Swim Racers Mike Switalski Slides Recording
6/10/15 Establishing Diversity at the Local Level Miriam Lynch Slides Recording
10/7/15 How to Establish a Practical LSC Funding Mechanism for Outreach Programming Kent Yoshiwara Slides Recording
3/30/16 Bridging the Cultural Gap Between Audiences Manny Banks Slides Recording
5/4/16 Creating an LSC Diversity & Inclusion Camp for Multiple Audiences Kent Yoshiwara Slides Recording
6/15/16 What Can LSC Diversity Chairs do to Help Your LSC/Club Increase Membership? Mike Switalski Slides Recording
7/27/16 What Other NGBs & the USOC are Doing to Increase Diversity Jason Thompson Slides Recording
9/14/16 What are the Different Methods LSCs Can Use to Determine Outreach Membership? Kathy Mendez Slides Recording
10/5/16 How to Activate Diverse Parents & Coaches in Your LSC Merari Chollette Slides Recording
2/8/17 Bridging the Gap Kathy Mendez Slides Recording
 7/12/17 How Diversity & Inclusion Ties to LEAP Mike Switalski  Slides  Recording
10/18/17 Expanding Outreach Membership Qualifications Kent Yoshiwara Slides Recording
3/7/18 Outreach Membership Update Kathy Mendez Slides Recording
7/10/19 Para Motivational Time Standards: Why, how and when? Jim Peterfish Slides Recording
9/18/19 Ohio Swimming Outreach: A Reflective View Into Key Lessons Learned Terry Anchrum Slides Recording
8/29/20 Diving In: A Conversation About Race, Mental Health & Sport Dr. Kensa Gunter   Recording
 10/22/20 Autism 101
USA Swimming Disability Committee


Beyond Cultural Blindness: The Experiences of Black Athletes in the World of Competitive Swimming

USA Swimming Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Real Talk Pt I: Walking on Eggshell
Dr. Regina Lewis & Cathy Wright-Eger
Coaching Strategies for the Challenging Swimmer
USA Swimming Disability Committee
DEI Chairs 101
USA Swimming Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee
Real Talk Pt II: How to Start the Conversation
Dr. Regina Lewis & Cathy Wright-Eger
DEI Inclusion Panel
Linda Conger, Rob Green, Robin Heller, and Marvin Thorpe    Recording
Real Talk: Pt III- Building Character & Reflective Leadership
Dr. Regina Lewis & Cathy Wright-Eger


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