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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Online Clinic Series - Women in Coaching Series

The Women in Coaching Series offers insight from some of the most prominent female coaches within the sport of swimming. These webinars provide information on coaching styles, providing guidance to swimmers, balancing family and coaching, and many other topics. 

Date Topic Speaker Slides Link Recording Link
2/25/15 How to Get Ahead Sarah Holman Slides Recording
4/1/15 How to Help Your Swimmer Find Their Perfect College Alexis Keto Slides Recording
6/17/15 Utilizing Different Coaching Styles for an Effective Team Kathy Mendez Slides Recording
8/26/15 Getting Involved: It's Not a Choice Kathleen Prindle Slides Recording
11/11/15 Being a Partner, Mom, and Coach Lauren McCorey Slides Recording
2/3/16 Butterfly: Dynamo Drills & Progressions Beth Winkowski Slides Recording
4/27/16 Summer League vs. Long Course: How Does El Paso Aqua Posses Decide? LeAnn Carr Slides Recording
6/8/16 Family First Coaching: What Newborns & Trials Swimmers Have in Common Dana Kirk Slides Recording
7/20/16 The Value of Smaller: Exploring the Benefits of Coaching & Swimming for a Smaller USA Swimming Club Danielle Carlson Slides Recording
8/17/16 Para Swimming: Coaching Disabled Athletes & the Positive Effect on Your Team Helen Garcia Slides Recording
1/25/17 Coaching 10 & Unders: Making the Small Fry into BIG Potatoes Alexis Keto Slides Recording
3/15/17 Being a Young Coach, Coaching Young Athletes Nicole Harmon Slides Recording
9/27/17 A Survival Guide for Young Coaches Mona Nyheim-Canales Slides Recording
11/29/17 Giving Credit Where Credit is Due Dory Halbe Slides Recording
6/6/18 College Recruiting 101 Anne Goodman James Slides Recording

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