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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Online Clinic Series - Club Management

The Club Management Series offers coaches and owners useful information on best practices in club management. Topics include marketing, sponsorship tips, monthly reporting, and more!

Date Topic Speaker Slides Link Recording Link
10/20/10 Management Tools Ira Klein Slides Recording
8/10/11 Tips on Sponsorship Success for Your Club Matt Farrell Slides Recording
8/24/11 Manage the Business of Swimming Better Tom Fristoe Slides Recording
11/16/11 Connecting to American Swimming Team (Partial Recording) Chuck Warner Slides Recording
6/18/12 Team Unify - Swim Today Webinar Tom Fistoe No Slides Available Recording
7/17/12 Promote Your Club Through Living Social Tessa Wolf Slides Recording
3/6/13 The Business of Swimming Mike Koleber Slides Recording
4/10/13 Deck Pass Jim Fox Slides Recording
6/12/13 Tough Love Marketing Matt Farrell Slides Recording
11/6/13 What's New with Deck Pass Wendy Peel No Slides Available Recording
1/8/14 What is Success for an Age Group Program? Bill Christensen Slides Recording
1/29/14 Building a Team for Long Term Success Paul Silver Slides Recording
4/9/14 Swim-A-Thon & Online Fundraising Debbie Hesse, Tom Fristoe Slides Recording
4/16/14 Growing an Age Group Program MC Thomas Slides Recording
5/21/14 10 Strategic 'Must Make' Decisions Rick Shipherd Slides Recording
10/15/14 Building Your Brand Through Social Media Kimi Davidson Slides Recording
1/20/15 Sanction Appeal Process Grandon Drawz, Pat Hogan Slides Recording
2/4/15 Using Statistics for Club Success Nate Knopf Slides Recording
4/29/15 Regional Group on KING Aquatic Club Tommy Cunningham Slides Recording
5/27/15 Building a Successful Team & Culture from Novice to National Sarah Dawson, Jacqueline O'Hagan Slides Recording
9/6/17 Fundraising, Communication, and Year-end Opportunities Nicole Wilson Slides Recording
11/5/18 Managing Multiple Sites Tom Ugast Slides Recording
10/16/19 LSC & Club Portal: Using Analytics to Drive Membership and Better Performance
Patrick Murphy Slides Recording
1/8/20 Social Media Marketing 101 Kara Raney Slides
3/12/20 Giving Back: Community Service Ideas for your Team Henk Jansen and Dan Mascolo Slides
4/10/20 Team Unify Tools Tim LaRoche -


7/27/20 How To: Virtual Meets USA Swimming Staff -


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