Online Clinic Series - Human Resources & Personal Development Series

The Human Resources & Personal Development Series is a coach's go-to for all human resources and personal development topics. Webinars cover topics such as the hiring process, growing as a coach, and coaching ethics. 

Date Topic Speaker Slides Link Recording Link
7/20/11 Educating & Training Your Coaching Staff George Block Slides Recording
8/17/11 The Interview Process Guy Edson Slides Recording
1/15/14 Growth as a Coach Kyle Schack Slides Recording
2/19/14 New Insurance Program for Clubs George Ward Slides Recording
10/8/14 Transforming the Way We Coach Pete Thompson Slides Recording
9/28/11 Ethical Questions in Coaching John Leonard Slides Recording
5/20/15 Streamlining Your Hiring Process with Swim Staff Select Arley Turner, Emily Stumhofer Slides Recording



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