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Friday, March 31, 2017

Online Clinic Series - Coaching Athletes

The Coaching Athletes series covers all the topics coaches need to instruct their athletes adequately and efficiently. Webinar topics include talking to athletes at meets, coaching swimmers with disabilities, and more!

Date Topic Speaker Slides Link Recording Link
7/14/10 Race Stats Scott Colby Slides Recording
8/25/10 Season Planning USA Swimming Sport Performance Consultants Slides Recording
3/9/11 How to Study Your Swimmers in a Race Ira Klein Slides Recording
4/6/11 Running an Effective Practice with a Large, Diverse Group Steve Morsilli Slides Recording
6/8/11 Coaching Swimmers with Disability Kyle Smith Slides Recording
8/3/11 Division III as a College Choice Greg Parini Slides Recording
10/24/12 Games, Gimmicks, and Challenges for Swimming Coaches Bob Steele Slides Recording
12/6/12 Race Analysis With Your Cell Phone or Stopwatch Bob Steele Slides
2/6/13 Coaching Boys & Girls with Disabilities Dave Denniston Slides Recording
7/24/13 The Student-Athlete Balance Rachel Stratton-Mills Slides Recording
10/2/13 Parent, Coach, & Athlete: A Unified Approach to Competition and Training Ben Bartell Slides Recording
11/20/13 Teaching Swimmers the Process Sue Chen Slides Recording
1/28/15 Making Test Sets Meaningful Mike Murray Slides Recording
1/20/16 Swimming Fast in Season (Mid-Season Shaves) & the Positive Effect on End of the Year Championship Matt Donovan Slides Recording
2/15/17 Children with Challenges Sue Nelson, Tina Dessart Slides Recording
5/9/18 What's Your Super Power? Tyler Fenwick Slides Recording
4/10/19 Quality Coaching - Navigating Through Our City the Team USA Way
Nadine Dubina Slides Recording
4/8/20 10 Basics to getting started in Open Water Kaitlin Pawlowicz Slides Recording
4/17/20 Grit & Growth Mindset  Jay Chambers Recording
7/30/20 Mental Health: Coaches Session Sean McCann Slides Recording
08/29/20 Diving In: A Conversation About Race, Mental Health & Sport Dr. Kensa Gunter   Recording
Coaching Strategies for the Challenging Athlete
Jacqueline O'Hagan
Mindfulness for Athletes
Micha Shaw

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