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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Club Leadership & Business Management School (CLBMS) 101 online course

CLBMS 101 is an introduction to Club Leadership. This course is a great orientation to good team governance practices. The online course takes about one hour to complete. 

The 101 course is divided into four lessons:

  1. The Big Picture
  2. Starting a Club
  3. Leading and Running Your Club
  4. Evaluating Your Club 

Upon completion, a printable certificate is available.

New Club Requirements

The 101 course is required for all new clubs prior to membership. The following team representatives must complete the 101 online course and submit certificates of completion.

  • Non-Profit Organizations – Head Coach and Club President (or President’s designee)
  • Institutionally-Owned Clubs – Head Coach and his/her supervisor (or supervisor’s designee).
  • Privately or Coach-Owned Clubs – Head Coach and Owner. If Head Coach is the owner, 2nd participant is designated by the Head Coach.

Note that prior to the second year of club registration, club representatives are required to attend the in-person CLBMS 201 course (formerly just called CLBMS).

Existing Clubs

It is also strongly encouraged for all existing club leaders to take this course. Some teams have required all new people in leadership roles to take this free course as part of an orientation process geared toward good team governance.

Register here for the online course.

Be sure to print a completion certificate at the end of the online course.

CLBMS Online 201 Logo265x265Click here for information about the follow up in-person Club Leadership and Business Management School 201 course and to see where a course is scheduled near you. If you have a questions about the course contact Hilary at or 719-866-3567.

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