The Facility Initiative aims to assist member clubs and affiliated organizations. This includes developing and planning new aquatic facilities as well as renovating and upgrading existing facilities. We also assist in developing and designing all aquatic programs. USA Swimming has contracted with Total Aquatic Programming LLC to design – develop and deliver resources to facilitate aquatic development. Our goal is to provide our members and the general public with access to safe and functional aquatic environments. We believe that USA Swimming and Total Aquatic Programming, LLC has the resources and experience to help you serve your clientele.


General Service Overview – USA Swimming will:

  • Foster the development of new facilities
  • Promote and facilitate greater access to existing facilities
  • Develop and promote program methodologies for maximum utilization of pool facilities
  • Expand aquatic industry resources, relationships and affinity partnerships
  • Position USA Swimming at the forefront of research and development of facility design, operations, products, construction and related services for the aquatic industry


For more information of the services provided contact Total Aquatic Programming, LLC.