For facilities with an existing pool of any size or type, we offer planning assistance regarding repair, equipment upgrading, remodeling, additions, operations, environmental safety and functionality. Our planning in conjunction with our professional providers can include the water tank itself as well as the surrounding area, including the filter system, ultra-violet and air handling, and circulation system. Despite published information to the contrary, facilities can be improved and/or expanded without millions of dollars in investments! Additionally, programs can be added and developed to support and enhance existing aquatic offerings and income potential. Ultra Violet pool water treatment, main drain entrapment issues, ADA access and compliance are three of the more common challenges we help facilities with.


We all want safe, modern, functional and sustainable facilities. Many of the dreams and plans to create such pools are scrapped because of cost/design limitations or asking the wrong questions to the wrong firms.Total Aquatic Programming, LLC can help provide guidance on both design & building.


Total Aquatic Programming, LLC can offer guidelines, suggestions, and methodologies for development of aquatic programs. Examples include:
  • Learn-to-swim for children and adults
  • Programs for special needs populations
  • Aquatic physical therapy (rehab)
  • Aquatic exercise and water walking
  • Community programs
  • Lap swimming - swim for health
  • Pre-competitive swimming and bridge programs
  • Competitive swimming

    Total Aquatic Programming, LLC can always have a value added benefit for the community and a positive impact on any budget.