Rules & Regulations Test

Getting Started

Rules and Regulations for Coaches is required before the 2nd year of registration. You can take the test any time prior to the 2nd year of registration. A current rulebook is the required resource. Use either a current hard copy rulebook or the online version.
You must have an account on the USA Swimming website and be logged in to access the test.  If you do not see a red button below that says "Start Rules & Regulations Test" you are not logged in.
Please note that the test is unavailable April 15-May 1 of each year for updating to the current rulebook. Tests started after May 1 of each year will expire on April 15 of the following year. You must complete the test prior to 11:00pm on April 15 or the test will be automatically deleted and inaccessible for completion.
If you have any questions please contact the Club Development Division or call USA Swimming at 719.866.4578.

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