Please visit the Quick Links and Resources for Officials sections below for one-stop shopping for everything you need to be a USA Swimming official.

Need further assistance? Contact Gina Mensay, Member Services Program Manager.

Trying to Renew?

  • Membership renewal is required annually. You must do that through your Local Swimming Committee (LSC). A list of LSC websites can be found here. There are forms and fee information on the LSC websites.
  • USA Swimming Membership is composed of three requirements - annual registration, athlete protection training (every two years), background check (every two years). The expiration date for these requirements can be found on your Deck Pass Dashboard.
  • Officiating Certifications - the expiration dates on these vary from LSC to LSC and are not necessarily the same as your membership expiration dates. These are also shown on your Deck Pass Dashboard. Please check with your LSC Official's Chair or LSC website officials page to determine the requirements for renewal in your LSC.

Officials Quick Links

  • Your Deck Pass Dashboard has all the information you need on your meets worked, tests, certifications and your membership card (you must use an account linked to your own member record).
  • Local Swimming Committee (LSC) Officials Chairs - each LSC has an Officials Chair. Find contact information for your chair here.
  • Athlete Protection Training - officials are required to take this training every 12 months.
  • Background Check - all non-athlete members of USA Swimming must satisfactorily complete a Level 2 background check every two years.
  • National Officials Committee - current members of the National Officials Committee.
  • Rules and Regulations - access the most current Rulebook. Questions regarding USA Swimming Rules and Regulations, or any of the interpretations, may be directed to the Chair of the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations Committee, Clark Hammond.
  • Purchase Supplies - to purchase fullsize and mini rulebooks, DQ slips and other supplies officials need. Uniforms are from separate vendor listed below.
  • Officials Uniforms - purchase officials attire directly from the vendor. Please allow at least two weeks before the meet for processing and shipping.
  • Report Accidents - any accident or injury occurring at any USA Swimming activity must be reported.
  • Concussion Training Laws - click here for an updated list of concussion training requirements by state. Submit your proof of training to your LSC registrar to show on your deck pass. Need to take a concussion training course? Here are the links to popular courses - CDC Course, NFHS Course.

Resources for Officials

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