Blake Pieroni

Valparaiso, Ind.
BIRTHDATE    November 15, 1995
HEIGHT    6' 2" (188.0 cm)
BIRTHDATE November 15, 1995
HEIGHT 6' 2" (188.0 cm)
Sandpipers Of Nevada (SAND-NV)
Ray Looze

  • Two-Time Olympian (2020, 2016)

  • Three Olympic Games medals (3g)

  • Six World Champs LCM medals (4g, 2b)

  • High School Chesterton H.S. '14

  • College Indiana '18

  • College Major Biology major, Spanish minor

  • Parents Christopher and Cathy Pieroni ... Father swam at Purdue University

  • Sibling(s) Sister, April

  • Pet(s) Two dogs - a black lab and a German shepard, named Blackjack and Zoey

  • Hobbies Outside the Pool Golfing, Fishing, Snowboarding, Paint Ball

  • ISL Team Toronto Titans

Career Highlights
  • 2x Olympian (2020, 2016)
  • 1x Olympic medalist (3g)
  • 6x World Championships (LCM) medalist (4g, 2b)
  • 1x Pan Pacs medalist (1g)
  • 4x U.S. National Team member
Olympics History
  • 2020: Gold, 4x100m FR-R; Gold, 4x100m Med-R (pr)
  • 2016: Gold, 400m FR-R (pr)
World Champs History
  • 2019: Gold, 4x100m FR-R; Gold, Mixed 4x100m FR-R (pr); Bronze, 4x200m FR-R; 4th, 100m FR
  • 2017: Gold, 400m FR-R; Gold, Mixed 400m FR-R (pr); Bronze, 800 FR-R; 13th, 200m FR
Pan Pacs History
  • 2018: Gold, 800m FR-R; 9th, 100m FR; 9th, 200m FR
SC Worlds History
  • 2018: Gold, 200m FR; T-7th, 100m FR; Gold, 4x100m FR-R; Gold, 4x100m Med-R
  • 2016: Silver, 4x50m FR-R; Bronze, 4x100m FR-R; 4th, 100m FR
Olympic Trials History
  • 2020: 3rd, 100m FR; 7th, 200m FR
  • 2016: 6th, 100m FR; 12th, 200m FR; 36th, 50m FR
U.S. Nationals History
  • 2018: 1st, 100m FR; 2nd, 200m FR; 13th, 50m FR
  • 2017: 2nd, 200m FR; 6th, 100m FR; 26th, 100m FL; 52nd, 400m FR
  • 2015: 3rd, 200m FR; 8th, 4x100m FR-R; 9th, 4x100m Med-R; 11th, 100m FR; 22nd, 50m FR
  • 2014: T-17th, 100m FR; 18th, 200m FR; 23rd, 100m FL; 52nd, 200m IM; 54th, 100m FL
NCAA History
  • 2018: 1st, 4x100y Med-R; 2nd, 200y FR; 2nd, 4x200y FR-R; 4th, 100y FR; 6th, 4x100y FR-R; 8th, 50y FR; 9th, 4x50y FR-R
  • 2017: T-2nd, 200y FR; T-7th, 4x50y FR-R; 8th, 100y FR; 8th, 4x100y FR-R; 9th, 4x200y FR-R
  • 2016: 4th, 4x100y FR-R; 7th, 4x100y Med-R; 8th, 200y FR; 9th, 4x50y FR-R; 10th, 100y FR10th, 4x200y FR-R
  • 2015: 4th, 200y FR; 5th, 4x200y FR-R; T-14th, 4x100y FR-R; 17th, 4x50y FR-R; 17th, 4x100y Med-R
World Jrs History
  • 2013: Bronze, 4x200m FR-R; 16th, 200m FR

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