Brandon Fischer

Livermore, CA
BIRTHDATE    January 2, 1989
BIRTHDATE January 2, 1989
Livermore Aqua Cowboys (LAC-CA)
Alex Silver
  • High School Granada '08

  • College Wyoming '13; Las Positas College '18

  • College Major B.A., Fine Arts; A.S., Mechanical Engineering

  • Job Outside of Swimming Currently works full-time as a mechanical technologist

  • Parents Son of Richard & Joy Fischer. Father was a competitive breaststroker in high school

  • Sibling(s) One older sister - Ashley Virgilio

  • Hobbies Outside the Pool The great outdoors, hiking, fishing, camping, climbing, mountaineering, biking, history, reading, and writing

  • Favorites Art which includes painting, sculpture, drawing, woodworking, metal working, machining, and designing

Career Highlights
  • 2x TYR Pro Swim Series winner
  • 4x U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Swimming qualifier
  • 1x U.S. National Team selection
Olympic Trials History
  • 2016: 15th, 200m BR; 20th, 100m BR
  • 2012: 27th, 100m BR; 30th, 200m BR; 79th, 200m IM
  • 2008: 44th, 200m BR
U.S. Nationals History
  • 2019: 8th, 200m BR; 11th, 100m BR
  • 2018: 12th, 100m BR; 15th, 200m BR
  • 2015: 20th, 100m BR; T-20th, 200m BR
  • 2014: 13th, 200m BR; 23rd, 100m BR; T-28th, 50m BR
  • 2011: 25th, 200m BR; 29th, 4x100m Med-R; T-34th, 100m BR; T-99th 200m IM
  • 2010: 34th, 200m BR; 36th, 100m BR; 92nd, 200m IM
  • 2007: 59th, 200m BR
  • 2006: 52nd, 200m BR

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