Lilly King

Evansville, Ind.
BIRTHDATE    February 10, 1997
HEIGHT    5' 9 3/4" (177.2 cm)
BIRTHDATE February 10, 1997
HEIGHT 5' 9 3/4" (177.2 cm)
Indiana Swim Club (ISC-IN)
Ray Looze

  • Two-Time Olympian (2020, 2016)

  • Eight World Champs LCM medals (7g, 1s)

  • Five Olympic Games medals (2g, 2s, 1b)

  • High School FJ Reitz High School '15

  • College Indiana University '19

  • College Major Physical Education

  • Future Professional Aspirations Teaching/Coaching

  • Parents Mark and Ginny ... Father is a industrial designer and mother is a teacher... Mark ran track and cross-country at Indiana State and Ginny swam for Eastern Kentucky and Illinois State.

  • Sibling(s) One younger brother, Alex, runs track and also swims.

  • Started Swimming At age 7 ... "I had so much energy when I was younger, swimming was the only thing that would calm me down."

  • Sports Played Before Swimming Gymnastics, Baseball, Cross Country, Track, Volleyball, Tug-o-war

  • Pet(s) One dog, Sunshine (Beagle); Loves dogs and "If I wasn...t swimming I...d have like 10 dogs."

  • Hobbies Outside the Pool Enjoys cooking; Go-to dish is biscuits and gravy.

  • Affiliated non-profits or Organizations Boys and Girls Club of America

  • Training Stats Swim 7,000 yards a day ... 3 hours a day ... 2 workouts every other day, 6 days a week

  • Favorites Sports teams: Cincinnati Reds, Indianapolis Colts; Movies: Harry Potter series; Television shows: "How I Met Your Mother," "The X-Files"

  • ISL Team Cali Condors

Career Highlights
  • 2x Olympian (2016, 2020)
  • 5x Olympic medalist (2g, 2s, 1b)
  • 8x World Championships (LCM) medalist (7g, 1s)
  • 3x Pan Pacs medalist (1g, 2s)
  • 2x World University Games medalist (1s, 1b)
  • 5x Short Course World Championships medalist (4g, 1s)
  • 5x U.S. national champion
  • 8x NCAA champion
  • 6x U.S. National Team member
  • Current world record holder in the 100m breaststroke
  • Third-fastest 200m breaststroke swimmer in American history
Olympics History
  • 2020: Silver, 200m BR; Silver, 4x100m Med-R (pr); Bronze, 100m BR
  • 2016: Gold, 100m BR; Gold, 4x100m Med-R; 12th, 200m BR
World Champs History
  • 2019: Gold, 50m BR; Gold 100m BR; Gold, 4x100m Med-R; Silver, Mixed 4x100m Med-R
  • 2017: Gold, 50m BR; Gold, 100m BR; Gold, 400m Med-R; Gold, Mixed 400 Med-R; 4th, 200m BR
Pan Pacs History
  • 2018: Gold, 100m BR; Silver, 200m BR; Silver, 4x100m Med-R
WUGs History
  • 2015: Silver, 100m BR; Bronze, 4x100m Med-R; 8th, 50m, BR
SC Worlds History
  • 2016: Gold, 50m BR; Gold, 4x50m Med-R; Gold, Mixed 4x50m Med-R; Gold, 4x100m Med-R; Silver, 100m BR; 4th, 200m BR; T-8th, 100m IM
Olympic Trials History
  • 2020: 1st, 100m BR; 2nd, 200m BR
  • 2016: 1st, 100m BR; 1st, 200m BR
U.S. Nationals History
  • 2018: 1st, 50m BR; 1st, 100m BR; 5th, 200m BR
  • 2017: 1st, 50m BR; 1st, 100m BR; 1st, 200m BR; 21st, 200m IM
  • 2015: 2nd, 100m BR; 15th, 200m BR; T-52nd, 200m IM
  • 2014: 6th, 100m BR; 9th, 50m BR; 14th, 200m BR
  • 2013: 10th, 50m BR; 20th, 100m BR
NCAA History
  • 2019: 1st, 100y BR; 1st, 200y BR; 2nd, 4x100y Med-R; 4th, 4x50y Med-R; 21st, 200y IM
  • 2018: 1st, 100y BR; 1st, 200y BR; Silver, 4x100y Med-R; Bronze, 4x50y Med-R; 14th, 200y IM
  • 2017: 1st, 100y BR; 1st, 200y BR; 4th, 4x50y Med-R; 5th, 4x100y Med-R
  • 2016: 1st, 100y BR; 1st, 200y BR; 7th, 4x100y Med-R; 10th, 4x50y Med-R
Intl. Results
  • 2014 Jr. Pan Pacs: Gold, 100m BR; 4th, 200m BR

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