Regan Smith

Lakeville, Minn.
BIRTHDATE    February 9, 2002
HEIGHT    5' 7 1/2" (171.5 cm)
BIRTHDATE February 9, 2002
HEIGHT 5' 7 1/2" (171.5 cm)
Riptide (RIPT-MN)
Gregory Meehan

  • 1x Olympian (2020)

  • Two World Champs LCM medals (2g)

  • Three Olympic Games medals (2s, 1b)

  • High School Lakeville North '20

  • College Stanford, '25

  • Hobbies Outside the Pool "Reading, watching Netflix, playing with my dogs, being with my friends and family"

  • Most Influential Person "I admire my fellow teammates in USA Swimming. I learn so much from them about how to be a better athlete and person every day I'm with them."

  • Favorites race: "My favorite race in my career thus far is the 200m Butterfly at the Tokyo games. That was the first race that I felt truly happy for and proud of myself since before the pandemic began. I'll never forget the way that race made me feel and it helped me fall back in love with the sport."

  • Favorites sports teams: Stanford athletics

Career Highlights
  • 1x Olympian (2020)
  • 3x Olympic medalist (2s, 1b)
  • 2x World Championships (LCM) medalist (2g)
  • 1x Pan Pacs medalist (1b)
  • 2x U.S. national champion
  • 4x World Jr Championships medalist (2g, 2s)
  • 5x U.S. National Team member
Olympics History
  • 2020: Silver, 200m FL; Silver, 4x100m Med-R; Bronze, 100m BK; 5th, Mixed 4x100m Med-R
World Champs History
  • 2019: Gold, 200m BK; Gold, 4x100m Med-R
  • 2017: 8th, 200m BK
Pan Pacs History
  • 2018: Bronze, 200m BK; 10th, 100m FL
Olympic Trials History
  • 2020: 1st, 100m BK; 2nd, 200m FL; 3rd, 200m BK; 6th, 100m FL (semi)
  • 2016: 13th, 100m BK; 33rd, 200m BK; T-81st, 100m FL
U.S. Nationals History
  • 2019: 1st, 200m FL
  • 2018: T-1st, 200m BK; 3rd, 100m BK; 3rd, 200m FL; 13th, 100m FL
  • 2017: 2nd, 200m BK; 5th, 100m BK; 10th, 100m FL; 19th, 200m IM; 56th, 100m FR
World Jrs History
  • 2017: Gold, 100m BK; Gold, 200m BK; Silver, 4x100m Med-R; Silver, Mixed 4x100m Med-R; 4th, 50m BK; 4th, 4x200m FR-R; T-13th, 50m FL; 6th, 100m FL

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