SwimToday Entices All to Join the #FunnestSport with New Creative Content

SwimToday Entices All to Join the #FunnestSport with New Creative Content

 | Friday, June 2, 2017

The SwimToday program kicks-off its fourth-year with new creative assets to encourage the world to dive into the #FunnestSport there is and join a team this summer. The 2017 #FunnestSport campaign will feature free poster kits with five new slogans available on swimtoday.org.

In addition to the poster kits, SwimToday collaborated with 10 industry partners and 11 USA Swimming National Team athletes to show non-swimmers and their families why swimming is the #FunnestSport and provide an invitation to join in with customized assets tailored to each partner and athlete.

A series of artwork combines creative taglines with images of National Team athletes alongside age group swimmers. Visit the SwimToday Store to claim your free poster kit.

“True to its name the #FunnestSport campaign aims to showcase the best qualities of swimming” said USA Swimming Marketing Manager Jake Grosser. “We’re excited to continue the campaign and hope to increase swimming participation through 2017 and beyond."

During swimming’s biggest events of U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Swimming and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, SwimToday’s #SwimUnited campaign led to a 98% increase in swim team searches on SwimToday.org and more than double the Google searches for “Swimming + Team” than the past three Olympic Games.

According to research, nearly 80 percent of parents don’t consider swimming as a competitive sport for their kids after completing swim lessons, largely due to a number of common misconceptions parents have about the sport. On the flipside, parents who experienced swimming easily rated the #FunnestSport higher than other sport in categories such as teamwork, fun, ease of learning, proximity, parental enjoyment, social skills, self-esteem and scholarship opportunities. [i]

For more information on SwimToday and the #FunnestSport Campaign visit www.swimtoday.org.

[i] 2014 State of the Competitive & Fitness Swimming Industry Report by Sports Marketing Surveys



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