Coach Connection Newsletter #27 - 7/6/18

Coach Connection Newsletter #27 - 7/6/18

 | Friday, July 6, 2018

Concussion Training Required to Attend Meets in California

California has modified existing school concussion law to apply the concussion requirements to youth sports organizations in which athletes participate, including swimming.

These requirements apply to out of state coaches whose swimmers are attending any meets in California including Sectionals, Futures, Junior Nationals, Phillips 66 Nationals or TYR Pro Swim Series meets in California.

Go here to read details and fill out required paperwork!

2018 Spring Safe Sport Activity Book

The Safe Sport activity book is now available!

Inspired by "Highlights" magazine, the Safe Sport activity book is designed for kids ages 6-11, but there's something for everyone! The activity book has coloring pages, a word search, connect-the-dots, matching games, and more.

Parents, coaches, and swimmers will be able to use the books to start a conversation about positive team culture, maintaining an environment of support and safety, and all the reasons to love the sport of swimming!

Click on the document below to view the entire book. Print off pages or purchase copies of the Safe Sport activity book and matching crayons by emailing here.

Activity Book 2

Managing Last-Minute Negative Thinking and Doubts

By Dr. Alan Goldberg,, July 3, 2018 

One of the more common problems that plagues swimmers is being flooded with last minute negative thinking and doubts. You know the story: You've been feeling relatively confident and relaxed going into the big meet, but after warm ups on day 1, when you get behind the blocks for your very first race, you're suddenly overwhelmed by waves of negativity and the “what -ifs!” You start getting nervous as a result, the doubts get stronger and before you know it, your confidence has done a disappearing act. You try to be positive and remind yourself how hard you've been training and how fast you've been going, but those negative voices just seem to get progressively louder, drowning out any attempts you may have made to stay positive.

So what do you do if these last minute negatives start dancing in between your ears?

What to do

Heat Illness: Keeping Youth Sports Athlete Safe

By TrueSport, June 28, 2018

Exercising in hot and humid weather is tough on all athletes, but kids face an elevated risk of heat illness due to inexperience.

Kids are more likely to continue exercising past the onset of mild heat illness either because they don’t recognize the symptoms or because they feel pressure to continue practicing or playing. As a result, it is crucial for parents and coaches to learn the signs and symptoms of heat illness, to be proactive in preventing it, and to have an action plan in case an athlete does develop heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Heat Safety 

2018 Age Group Coach of the Year Award

One month left to vote!

Fitter and Faster is so proud to be entering our fifth year partnering with the American Swimming Coaches Association in identifying the top age group coaches in the United States.

So far there have been over 20,000 votes for the 2018 Age Group Coach of the Year award and there is still one month left to vote!

Check out the list of nominees.

See if any coaches in your area or on your team are nominated... AND VOTE!

Your vote helps to select the ten finalists (and winner) who will all be recognized at the ASCA World Clinic Awards Banquet in Anaheim, CA on September 6th, 2018.

VOTE NOW and be sure to share this email with your coaches and athletes. 

A High Level Profile of a Successful Athletic Mindset

Copyright 2018 AthleteTypes LLC - All Rights Reserved

What is an Athlete Type?

A deep statistical analysis of the TAP results of tens-of-thousands of elite athletes revealed eight (8) distinct athletic mindsets — each with their own characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and preferred coaching / interaction styles.

These distinct athletic mindsets were given names that matched their characteristics and became the 8 Athlete Types.

Learn More and Take the Test

Why a California Supreme Court Ruling Could Change the Course for the Gig Economy

By Emily Canal,, May 1, 2018

The California Supreme Court issued a ruling on Monday that makes it more difficult for companies to label workers as independent contractors rather than employees, a decision that could dramatically increase the costs for startups reliant on the gig economy.

The court abandoned the existing test for deciding a worker's employee status, which included factors like whether a person could be fired without cause and amount of supervision. Now, workers are considered employees if their job is considered to be the "usual course" of the business operations.

Learn More

How to Optimize Your Bedtime Routine Based on Your Work Life

By Michael Breus,, July 2, 2018 

5 minute Read

Here’s how to craft a “personalized power-down hour” whether you’re a stressed-out parent, a sedentary desk worker, a busy traveler, or a fitness nut.

There’s a decent chance that your evenings typically go like this: You sit around on the couch until you can’t keep your eyes open in front of the TV or your laptop or tablet. Then you sit up, sigh deeply, and head to the bathroom to brush your teeth. Then you collapse into bed. About half the time, it’s easy to fall asleep pretty quickly. The other half, you lie there staring at the ceiling, swearing that you were just falling asleep a moment ago and trying in vain to slide back into that blissful slumber.

Here’s the thing to remember, though: Sleep is not an “on/off” switch. It’s more like slowly pulling your foot off the gas, and slowly applying pressure onto the brake instead. Ideally, that process should take about 15–20 minutes, but as a sleep specialist I’ve developed a 60-minute “power-down hour” that goes like this: An hour before your bedtime (if you don’t know what your bedtime should be, check out my bedtime calculator here), set an alarm on your phone–or better yet, in your bedroom itself–and crank the volume, so you really can hear it all over the house. It will force you to go into your bedroom to remind you it’s time for bed. Then split up that hour into three 20-minute stages:

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The Art of Active Listening

By Glenna Fulks,, May 14, 2018

It’s absolutely true, listening is an art. And sadly, it has become a lost art. Few actually do it well. It would seem to be a pretty simple concept, but there are several deterrents that get in the way.

Many of us are guilty of starting a conversation and putting a thought or question out there. Instead of giving the other individual time to formulate a response, we immediately re-phrase the question or remark and answer it ourselves. In other words, we don’t give ourselves a chance to listen since we never stop talking.

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Athlete Motivation

By James Leath, Unleash the Athlete, June 26, 2018

I believe a great coach spends at least as much (or more) time learning about his or her players as they do studying the playbook.

Be the kind of coach that is a student of students.

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