Steps to Request Competition Category

Steps to Request Competition Category

 | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Changing Competition Category

The following provides information on the process that USA Swimming members must go through in order to request a competition category change. 

STEP 1: Contact USA Swimming with request at:

STEP 2: USA Swimming intake process interview. This interview must be done over the phone, not over email exchange.

STEP 3: Required documentation provided to USA Swimming which includes the following:

  • Request in writing. Details of this can be found in the Request to Change Competition Category document.
  • Letter of support from a health-care professional who has treated or is treating the applicant (e.g. physician, pediatrician, psychiatrist, school counselor, psychologist)
  • Receipt of acknowledge of the Athlete Support Plan

STEP 4: Eligibility Review Panel reviews request with established criteria

STEP 5: Panel decision will be communicated in writing, and in person when possible, to athlete/parent/coach.

STEP 6: Administrative change initiated in SWIMS

STEP 7: Compete in new category with the following guidelines:

  • Limit: 2 changes per year
  • All eligibility rules apply for meets selection, NAG, etc.
  • Elite athletes who may qualify for high-level or international meets must also refer to the guidelines provided by USADA, WADA, FINA, and IOC, regarding drug testing, qualifications, and other rules.



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