Coach Connection Newsletter #29 - 7/19/19

Coach Connection Newsletter #29 - 7/19/19

 | Monday, July 22, 2019

Ticket Sales for 2019 Summer Nationals & Junior Nationals 

The USA Swimming Phillips 66 National Championships will be held at Stanford University’s Avery Aquatic Center from July 31 - August 4. The Speedo Junior National Championships will take place the following week, August 6 - 10.

Spectators are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance as sellout crowds are expected. Tickets are now on sale for both championship events and can be purchased online. Daily ticket packages are available. Adult tickets cost $45 while youth/senior tickets are available for $35.

2019 Phillips 66 National Championship Information & Ticket Sales: Nationals

2019 Speedo Junior National Championships Information & Ticket Sales: Junior Nationals

2019 Fall Regional Coach Clinic Registration is Now Open!

Enhance your coaching skill set at any of our Four Clinics in 2019

The Regional Coach Clinic program brings affordable clinics directly to teams in their own LSCs. These clinics are designed for the entire coaching staff from the novice coach to the senior level coach.

The clinic cost is $89 per coach or $229 for a coaching staff of 3 or more. Our clinics are priced to encourage participation by the entire coaching staff.

Location Dates Clinic Location

Anchorage, AK August 16-18 Anchorage Marriott Downtown

New Orleans, LA Sept. 20-22 Courtyard Metairie

Des Moines, IA Sept. 20-22 Sheraton W Des Moines Hotel

Albany, NY Sept. 27-29 Courtyard Clifton Park

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18th FINA World Championships TV/Webcast Schedule

Date Network Time(ET) Event Live/Delay Webcast

7/20 OLY 9:00 pm Prelims Live

7/21 OLY 7-9 am Semi/Finals Live

7/21 NBC 2-4 pm Finals Re-air

7/21 OLY 9:00 pm Prelims Live

7/22 NBCSN 7-8:30 am Semis/Finals Live

7/22 OLY 9:00 pm Prelims Live

7/22 NBCSN 11:59 pm Prelims Re-air

July 23- July 28 see link below
Full Schedule

The Best Nutrition Advice Often Begins with 'It Depends'

By Chris Rosenbloom PhD, RDN, July 15, 2019 

When you ask a dietitian a simple question you want a simple answer, but you are more likely to hear, “it depends.” There is a good reason for that answer because dietitians look at a person’s eating pattern, workout intensity, and duration for the entire day week, or competitive season, not just a snapshot of the day.

Recently, a young swimmer emailed me to say that he works hard at his land-based and pool training but not so much on his nutrition. He asked three simple questions, but as you will see the answer is, “it depends.”

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How to Help Athletes Be Confident in Tough Situations

By TrueSport, July 11, 2019

As a young athlete, your child is occasionally faced with big decisions, as well as hundreds of smaller scale decisions on a regular basis. Parents should not only teach good decision-making habits and strategies, but also help their athletes feel confident about making tough decisions.

Dr. Carl Pickhardt, PhD, practicing psychologist and author of 15 books on parenting, including his most recent book, WHO STOLE MY CHILD? Parenting through four stages of adolescence, shares his expertise on how to teach your young athletes how to feel confident about their decisions, from the early days of T-ball all the way through college visits.

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Clean Sport

United States Anti- Doping Agency (USADA)

The information below should be shared with your athletes and their parents. Please distribute it via email, a club newsletter, or link to the articles on your team webpage.

This section brings together USADA’s resources for Coaches including:

  • Coach’s Advantage
  • Event Information
  • Whereabouts Information
  • Therapeutic Use Exemptions Information Information
  • Dietary Supplement Information

Getting Started: 


Answers to some of the most commonly asked anti-doping related questions

  • Testing & Sample Collection
  • Who Can Be Tested?
  • Whereabouts Information
  • Therapeutic Use Exemptions Information
  • WADA Code Information


For additional resources click here: 

TrueSport Parent Guide

You are your child’s biggest supporter! The TrueSport Pocket Guide is a condensed booklet with advice and guidelines

When You Attend a Youth Sports Event, Know Your Role!

By John O'Sullivan,, July 10, 2019

Imagine the perfect summer day. The sun is out, The birds are chirping. And a bunch of 7 year old boys scurry about a baseball diamond, trying to hit, run, throw and catch, all the while smiling and giggling and doing what 7-year-old boys do. But then the game gets tense. Parents and coaches started chirping at each other, at the players, and at the umpire. A call is missed. Then another. The situation worsens.

The umpire, a 13-year-old named Josh Cordova – who umpires so he can pay for his own baseball equipment by the way- warns both coaches and their fans. Yet the tension escalates. Parents are dropping F-bombs, and pointing fingers trying to get others thrown out. Finally, all hell breaks loose. Coaches argue. Parents get into it with one another. And it ends in a fight that goes viral across the globe. Five people are arrested. Two are suspended from their jobs. And Cordova, when interviewed after the game, said the following: “I was scared not only for me but the 7-year-olds who happened to be on the field at the time. We never thought anyone would fight at a little league baseball game. I thought maybe by issuing a warning everyone would just chill, take a step back and realize how stupid they were acting … but [I] guess not.”

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Did You Know?

From Athletic Business, July/August 2019

50% of sport parents, of 1,001 surveyed who are either “fairly sure” (30%) or “certain” (20%) that their child is going to receive an athletic scholarship to attend college.  11% of all athletes who actually received a college athletic scholarship. Down from 24% in 2016.  

Extreme Exertion Can Lead to Injury, Liability

By Kristi Schoepfer-Bochicchio, Athletic Business, June 2019

In April, the head women's soccer coach at the University of Houston stated in an email to a parent that he was implementing several program changes to prevent injuries caused by physical punishment after 12 of his players experienced rhabdomyolysis. Diego Bocanegra went so far as to admit that one change involved removing mention of physical punishment from the team's weight room manual, leading some to question why such language was written policy in the first place.

Many student-athletes in various sports have suffered rhabdomyolysis, a serious syndrome triggered by extreme exertion that results in dead muscle fibers being released into the bloodstream. It is the all-too-common result of coaches mandating extreme workouts and pushing student-athletes to participate in activities that are not reasonably safe. At its worst, rhabdomyolysis can lead to complications such as renal (kidney) failure or heatstroke, and even death.

Not only are extreme workouts bad practice from the standpoint of student-athlete safety, they can lead to institutional liability, as illustrated in Lee v. La. Bd. of Trs. for State Colls., 2017 CA 1431 (La. Ct. App. Mar. 13, 2019).

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