Coach Connection Newsletter #32 - 8/9/19

Coach Connection Newsletter #32 - 8/9/19

 | Friday, August 9, 2019

Scholastic All-American Application



•Grade completion requirement – applicant must have completed 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade

•GPA Requirement – minimum 3.5 GPA for the current academic year

•A=4, B=3, C=2. If numerical grades are used, the following scale will be used unless the school’s letter grade conversion is given on the transcript: A=90-100; B=80-89; C=70-79

•Honors, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and dual credit college level academic courses will earn one half (.5) extra Grade Point. Grades for academic subjects only are calculated – history/social studies, English, mathematics, sciences, foreign languages, computer sciences, visual and performing arts if indicated as an academic subject. A grade lower than a C in an academic subject will mean automatic rejection of the applicant. Grades for non-academic courses will NOT be calculated - art, band, choir, orchestra, home economics, health, driver education, physical education, shop, and any other class marked non-academic on a transcript.

•There will be no special status designation for a 4.0 GPA other than for a national champion who also has a 4.0 GPA.

•Pool Requirements

•Applicants must have swum an individual pool time equal to a 2018 Winter Junior qualifying time in any individual event during the SAA qualifying period (August 16, 2018 – August 15, 2019) with qualifying times in SWIMS – list of times are posted on the USA Swimming website. A qualifying time will be available for selection from the SWIMS database during the application process. Only ONE time is necessary and only ONE application is necessary.

•Disability or Open Water Requirements (for athletes without pool requirements)

2018 U.S. Para National Championships – December 14-16, 2018, Tucson, AZ

2019 World Para Series – April 4-6, 2019, Indianapolis, IN

2019 Can Am Para Swimming Championships – July 12-14, 2019, Vancouver, BC

2019 World Para Championships - July 29 - August 4, 2019, Kuching, Malaysia

2019 Open Water National Championships - May 3-5, 2019, Miami, FL


The National Select Camp Assistant Coach Application


Each fall, USA Swimming brings 96 of the top USA Swimming member athletes in the nation for a once-in-a-lifetime camp experience. Swimmers are selected from the SWIMS database of top times. During the camp, these swimmers will learn about post race recovery, drug and supplement rules, psychological training skills, nutrition, race strategy and more.

Camp dates:

2019 Girl's: October 10-13, 2019

2019 Boy's: October 24-27, 2019

Camp Location: U.S. Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO

If interested, the assistant coach application is available here and will be open until Friday, August 9th. 

Build a Pool Conference

One flight two events:

Now is the time to start planning your Pool Projects!

You have heard the saying: kill two birds with one stone ! You can do that if you

are attending the USA Swimming Convention and want to attend the Regional

Build a Pool Conference. One flight two events:

Click here to register and learn more about the BAP Conference

Hotel information :The BAP Conference Rate is $99 per night.

Last date to receive the conference rate is August 24th, 2-19

Our room block is limited so BOOK EARLY!

Contact: Sue Nelson

How to Celebrate Wins, When One Kid Isn’t Winning

By True Sport, August 1, 2019

A young athlete’s teammates, siblings, coaches, and teachers can leave a lasting impression, but parents have the greatest impact on how a child feels about his or her performance in sport, says Joel Fish, PhD, sports psychologist and author of 101 Ways to Be a Terrific Sports Parent.

When you have two or more children in sports, it can be a challenge to give each one the same level of positive attention — especially when one seems to be winning all the time, while the other is struggling. Fish shares advice on how to find the right balance between celebrating success and prioritizing progress rather than just winning.

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Clean Sport

United States Anti- Doping Agency (USADA)

The information below should be shared with your athletes and their parents. Please distribute it via email, a club newsletter, or link to the articles on your team webpage.

We're here to help you compete clean! Check out our 2019 Athlete Handbook, Pocket Guide, and Wallet Card for the antidoping info you need for cleansport.

Because all samples have an anonymous code number, there is no way for the lab to identify which athlete provided it. Learn about the journey a sample takes from collection to storage.

Athletes: does your doctor know you're subject to antidoping rules? If they do and aren't discussing anti-doping obligations with you, or the risks of dietary supplements, that's a cleansport red flag.

Win a Visit from Kelsi Dahlia

Want to motivate your swimmers while raising critical funds for your swim team? Swim-a-Thon™ combines giving back to the sport you love with great prizes to make everyone dive right in! Your swimmers have the chance to earn official Swim-a-Thon apparel, a team pizza party and the Grand Prize winner gets a visit from Swim-a-Thon Ambassador Kelsi Dahlia. 

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11 Championship Habits

By Alan Stein,, July 2019

I am thankful to have the opportunity work with our team year round, attend many practices and sit on the bench in coat & tie during every game. I am a part of many team meetings and make sure I have a pulse of how our players are doing (mentally and physically).

I am going into my fifth season at DeMatha and have learned first-hand what it takes for a program to be successful consistently. While I would never argue how helpful it is to have very talented players (and we most certainly do), I have learned it is actually the little things that make a big difference. It is the little things that make an average team a good team, a good team a great team and great team a championship team. These little things are known as ‘Championship Habits.’

However, the key is not to focus on winning a championship (outcome based).

The key is to focus on developing these championship habits (process based).

That is a powerful distinction.

Here are some self-evaluating questions that every player and coach in the program needs to answer honestly to maximize your team’s potential this season. These 11 questions will clue you in to your team’s commitment to championship habits.

And while it is important for you to know the answers to these questions, it is equally important for everyone else in your program to know them as well.

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What Kind of Sport Parent are You?: Rate Yourself

By Dr. Jim Taylor,, August 2019

In addition to working with young athletes in many sports, I also consult with sport parents to help them to provide to their young athletes the most positive support they can.

Being a great sport parent is no small feat or easy task these days for several reasons. First, we live in a youth-sport culture that is driven by an overemphasis on winning, early specialization, and grandiose dreams of athletic greatness for children.

Second, this culture has spawned what I call the “youth sports industrial complex” (which, I must admit, I am a part of, to some degree) in which the focus is on adults (e.g., parents, coaches, personal trainers) rather than young athletes and making money rather than creating positive and healthy sports experiences for children.

Third, these cultural pressures exert immense pressure on parents to “keep up with the Joneses,” forcing well-intentioned parents to act in ways that are not consistent with their values or in the best interest of their children.

Finally, parents are human beings with the usual set of baggage from their own upbringings that includes low self-esteem, insecurity, perfectionism, fear of failure, and need to be accepted. These forces can draw well-meaning parents to the “dark side” of sport parenting in which their own needs take precedence over those of their children and they become unhealthy and sometimes truly harmful influences on their children’s athletic and personal development.

Rate Yourself

Thank You: Showing Appreciation to Your Athletes

By Darren Fenster,, March 2019

Anson Dorrance, the legendary women’s soccer coach at the University of North Carolina, closes out each season with a senior letter. It’s a “thank you” to those who are playing their final season in a Tar Heel uniform, but on a much deeper level, it’s a heartfelt tribute expressing what each senior has meant not just to the program, but also to Dorrance.

Whether it was Mia Hamm, who is arguably the greatest women’s soccer player of all time, or someone who played sparingly in four years, every senior received a letter from Dorrance. And upon reading it, they felt like they left a lasting mark on the UNC program. The words in these letters are incredibly powerful and impactful.

It’s our job as coaches to make everyone realize that they are an important cog in our club…

But the senior letter isn’t just about seniors. Dorrance uses it as a motivational tactic to get more from the girls who aren’t seniors.

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How To Get Great Sleep!

From Michael Gervais, FindingMastery, July 2019

One of the things that I’ve learned through sleep research is that temperature is a big issue. (Listen to the recent podcast with sleep expert Dr. Matthew Walker if you'd like more information on best practices.)

Sleep can be compromised if your body temperature is too hot or cold — and for most people, temperatures fluctuate throughout the night.

Eight Sleep solved the temperature problem with the Pod, a high-tech bed that works to keep you at an ideal temperature, all night.

The Pod combines dynamic temperature regulation and sleep tracking— both designed to enhance your rest and recovery.


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