Assigned Team of Officials Invited for 2020 Olympic Team Trials - Swimming

Assigned Team of Officials Invited for 2020 Olympic Team Trials - Swimming

By USA Swimming  | Friday, September 13, 2019

The following officials have been invited to serve at the 2020 Olympic Trials for Swimming. These officials, who are being offered positions on the assigned team of officials, were chosen after an extensive selection process that included recommendations from their peers, officiating history at the local and national level, and commitment to the sport.

An additional group of officials will be invited to complete the list of deck officials for Olympic Trials and those will be announced by the end of October. USA Swimming offers their congratulations to these outstanding officials who serve to ensure fair and safe competition for all our athletes.

Asst. Administrative Referee Peter Lagow
Asst. Administrative Referee Lisa Olack
Administrative Referee Jacki Allender
Chief Judge Dana Covington
Chief Judge Kim Downs
Chief Judge Jason Johnson
Chief Judge Trish Martin
Chief Judge Mike Urbanowicz
Chief Judge Lisa Vetterlein
Team Lead Chief Judge Don Hougardy
Deck Referee Jamie Cahn
Deck Referee Sandy Drake
Deck Referee Jim Holcomb
Deck Referee Kathleen Scandary
Deck Referee Wayne Shulby
Meet Referee Clark Hammond
Starter Dick Duncan
Starter Eric Peterson
Starter Fran Werner
Head Starter Denice Wepasnick
Time Trial Referee Mark McCaw
Underwater Camera Referee Robert Broyles
Underwater Camera Referee Dan McAllen



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