Pleasanton Seahawks Jump Seven Spots in 2019 Club Excellence Rankings

Pleasanton Seahawks Jump Seven Spots in 2019 Club Excellence Rankings

By Emily Sampl//Contributor  | Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Pleasanton Seahawks in Pleasanton, Calif., continue to make a name for themselves, with yet another Gold Medal club recognition as part of the 2019 Club Excellence program. Pleasanton jumped seven spots to 13th overall this year, after taking 20th in 2018 and 17th in 2017.

Head coach Steve Morsili said the coaches assess the team’s potential to be a gold medal club on a yearly basis and then structure their team and individual goals around that.

“We take a look at the makeup of our top two groups each year, and if we feel we have the personnel to achieve gold medal status, we establish that as a team goal and work towards it on an individual basis,” he said. “The team goals get split into individual goals for those who have the potential to contribute.”

The Seahawks had a number of top contributors this summer, including summer Junior Nationals fourth-place high point finisher Miranda Heckman, now a freshman at the University of Texas.

Morsili outlines the team’s targeted approach to reaching gold medal status in this week’s Club Excellence spotlight.

  1. Individual accountability: Again, we believe it comes down to individual accountability. Once we determine we can be “in the hunt,” it all comes down to each individual doing his or her share.
  2. Target the potential qualifiers: We know some athletes are ready to swim their first long course juniors cut, so they get a lot of attention. Those who have contributed in the past are urged to step up and acquire the silver and gold “differentials” to add to the point totals.
  3. Emphasize the championship meets: We keep a running total going into the final round of championship meets, so the athletes know how many points we need to pick up and what is expected of each of them.



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