Race Analysis with Sport Development and Drills to Work on Skills

Race Analysis with Sport Development and Drills to Work on Skills

By Scott Colby//Manager, Performance Development  | Thursday, November 21, 2019

Sport Development’s Performance Development Managers are available for video review for all swimmers at Nationals, Juniors, YMCA Nationals and the NCSA Spring Meet.

All athletes and coaches watch and review the video of any of their races almost immediately following the race on our poolside monitors, with the option of verbal analysis from Sport Development Division’s Performance Development Managers.

Over the past 12 months, we have shown 7,705 races and downloaded 4,089 videos for a total of 11,807 impacts for athletes and coaches. Over 65,000 videos have been shown to athletes and coaches over the years. 

Plans are under way to partner with SwimCloud.com (formerly college swimming.com) to expand the service to include actual race analysis, including number of strokes, tempo (stroke rate), streamline distance, etc.

At local meets, it is easy to have athletes get their races filmed on their own smart phone by a teammate. This motivates athletes to study their races and discuss with their coaches.

Once you have taken video of your athletes’ races and have analyzed their performances, you can try a couple of these simple drills, below, to help young (and old) athletes develop some skills they will need for lifetime of successful competition. Build on these and develop your own!

Drill for Age Group Swimmers to Maintain Tempo in a Race

Start with each swimmer on the deck. Each holds a stopwatch and times the tempo of a swimmer in the pool.  The coach checks to see that they are relatively accurate. Then each swimmer partners up. One partner does 10-20 x 25’s fast on lots of rest. The other partner remains on deck and times tempo three times on each 25. Once in the beginning, once in the middle and once near the end of the 25. The partner who did the timing gives feedback, “1.1, 1.3, 1.5.” This is a drill worth doing every day for a week to help your athletes understand tempo and develop the skill of holding the same tempo throughout the length.

Drill for All Age Swimmers to Focus on Efficiency

SWOLF (SWimming/gOLF)

This drill develops efficiency skills. The athlete swims a 50 and adds their time to the number of strokes they take. For example, 30 seconds and 30 strokes would score 60. To lower the score, they would have to take 29 strokes and still time 30 seconds, OR they could take the same number of strokes and lower their time to 29.

This can be extrapolated for older athletes to do sets of 100s, doing a prescribed time and taking fewer strokes on each or taking the prescribed number of strokes and dropping time on each. (Usually performed in rounds of 3-4 100s.)



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