Welcome to the New Coaches Connection Newsletter

Welcome to the New Coaches Connection Newsletter

By Brendan Hansen//Director of Team Services  | Friday, November 22, 2019

Hello Coaches:

First, I want to take a moment to thank you for allowing me this opportunity to take this position at USA Swimming and serve you as Director of Team Services. Many of you know me as the competitive swimmer, and yes, I do take a lot of those characteristics with me into my professional business life. I have always believed in being an impact player in every organization I have been a part of, and I believe many of you took on the coach profession for that same reason. Coaches want to be impactful and make a difference. Our team of Performance and Program Development Managers and I agree, we want to ensure you have every resource and tool to make your swim team as strong as its mission statement. For starters, you will see a significant change in our coaches’ monthly newsletter.

As a valued member of USA Swimming, you should have clear insight into what we are working on to improve our sport and our members’ experience in it. The first section of the newsletter will do just that – a personalized letter from a member of the USA Swimming staff talking about a specific area of the organization about what they are working on and how it impacts you and your team. It will be followed by supporting articles from fellow USA Swimming coaches or members of Team Services to dive further into the topic.  Please email SportDevelopment@usaswimming.org if you have ideas on the subject or can share creative ways you are already implementing it. We want to hear your ideas. I will gather some of the best ones and post them in next month’s coaches’ newsletter.

Next will be a list of major events, educational resources and team services you need to be aware of as a USA Swimming coach. It’s your monthly coaches’ “news feed.” Everything will be in one place, quick and easy to find and use. Lastly, you’ll see our all-important Team Services Directory. We want you to be confident in knowing the correct person in Team Services to contact when you need assistance.

My goal is for this coaches’ newsletter to become a valuable resource you look forward to receiving every month. I’m hoping it becomes a resource that allows you to do exactly what you set out to do when you became a coach – make an impact.

See you on the pool deck,

Brendan Hansen



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