How to Keep Score of Your Wellness as a Coach

How to Keep Score of Your Wellness as a Coach

By Scott Tripps//Owner and Head Coach, Genesis Aquatics  | Monday, December 16, 2019

In 30-plus years of coaching, I have found some aspects of coaching are wonderful contributors to good health, and others to be significant threats. If I'm not constantly aware of the score, the threats could be victorious... 

Here’s how I keep score:

  • Up at 4:30 a.m. after five hours of sleep to respond to parent emails (1-0, threats lead). 
  • A tall glass of water to hydrate, flush toxins, start the metabolism. (tied, 1-1). 
  • Three back-to-back, 1-hour masters practices and 7000+ steps (1-2, health in the lead). 
  • Evening USAS practices after 5-7 hours in my car for my day job, 7000+ more steps (1-3). 
  • Home just after 9 p.m., missed dinner with my wife, my son and my daughter; two of them are already sleeping (not sure how to score that... one could argue that the threats just took a big lead).

It brings me great joy (mental health) to provide life-changing health to others.Through coaching, I am grateful to bring fitness, a caring community, and much more to over 100 people daily. 

The biggest threats to my own health are sleep and family time.  What are yours?  (A) Identify them. (B) Prioritize them.  (C) Set some SMART goals and hold yourself accountable to improving.

After all, as a coach, you expect dedicated effort from your swimmers to improve, right?

Scott Tripps
Owner and Head Coach, Genesis Aquatics 



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