Utilizing the Enneagram Personality Test

Utilizing the Enneagram Personality Test

By Juan Caraveo//Manager, Program Development Western Zone  | Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Impactful leaders have many strengths.

They are visionaries, planners, effective communicators and more. Perhaps their greatest strength is the ability to be self-aware, to understand their blind spots and to surround themselves with individuals that complement their lesser strengths.

In today’s business environment, leaders that understand their leadership growth opportunities will have the upper hand on their competition.

Fortunately, personality assessment tools are prevalent. The Enneagram Personality Test is just one of many tools a coach can use to enhance their effectiveness as a coach.

Keep in mind, every member of a coaching staff is a team leader. Even if you are not the head coach, understanding your personality traits and how to work within yourself will make you a better coach for your team.

If you have used a different tool or approach, please share it with us at CoachesConnection@usaswimming.org, so we can pass it along to the rest of our coaching community. Enjoy getting to know each other!



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