Visit with a USA Swimming Performance Development Manager

Visit with a USA Swimming Performance Development Manager

By Jay Chambers//Manager, Performance Development  | Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The goal of a club visit is to help you raise the level of your team's performance by connecting you and your staff to the methods, research and technology that have been beneficial to other USA Swimming teams around the country. This information comes from a combination of the Performance Development Manager's coaching experience and observations of what other successful coaches and teams are doing and observations and insights from our National Team staff as well. 

We gather information about your team's needs prior to the visit and tailor the visit to fit those needs. We have many presentations that can be shared not only with you and your staff, but also with your athletes and parents. Sometimes athletes need to hear what you’ve been saying from a different source. After the athlete presentations coaches frequently say, “It was almost like I told you what to say…”

Besides presentations, the Performance Development Manager can also be a fresh set of experienced eyes to look at your athlete development, coaching program, structure and workout management. This is accomplished through meetings and observations with you and your coaching staff in an interactive manner.

One of the strengths of USA Swimming is the diversity of the coaches and programs. We would love to come in and work with you to improve your program.

Jay Chambers

Manager, Performance Development

Note: A club is required to have multiple Sectional qualifiers swimmers on its roster to receive a visit from a Performance Development Manager.



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