Why Should You Get involved with your LSC

Why Should You Get involved with your LSC

By Jane Grosser//LSC Services Senior Manager  | Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Meaningful coach engagement in Local Swimming Committee (LSC) governance is crucial to athlete and coaching success! Coaches who understand and participate in the Governance of their LSC can impact athlete development and performance across the LSC in a positive way.

Coaches are the professionals of our sport. They possess the technical knowledge and expertise needed to steer the allocation of the LSCs resources toward programming, which can impact the success of the athletes and coaches within the LSC.

When coaches recognize and embrace this powerful influence beyond the confines of their own team, coaches can then employ their collective intellectual capital to address real challenges facing LSCs, remove roadblocks, and shape the future of the LSC rather than react to it. LSCs are often waiting for positive input from their coaching community.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to effectively get involved with you LSC, please reach out to me. USA Swimming’s LSC Governance staff has over 30+ years of experience and we’d love to hear and assist you.


Jane Grosser

LSC Services Senior Manager




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