2020 Club Excellence Spotlight – SwimMAC Carolina

2020 Club Excellence Spotlight – SwimMAC Carolina

By Emily Sampl//Contributor  | Friday, February 14, 2020

SwimMAC Carolina, a team that has regularly placed among the top five in the nation in USA Swimming’s Club Excellence program, recorded yet another top showing in 2020 with a second-place finish behind Nation’s Capital Swim Club.

In 2020, SwimMAC placed 200 IMer Tim Connery on the National Junior Team, in addition to finishing third overall in the women’s standings, second in the men’s standings and second overall in the 2019 Speedo Winter Junior Championships East in December.

Coach Terry Fritch said the team is committed to holding its place as one of the top teams, and the focus on achieving those goals throughout all levels of the program is a major contributor to the team’s continued success.


How does the Club Excellence program fit into your team goals each year?

It’s definitely one of the top three goals. Every year we review our team goals – Scholastic All-American, Club Excellence and Virtual Club Championships are among those. Those are things that we’re wanting to achieve the highest level possible at. We talk about it and keep it in our minds throughout our whole coaching staff. To maintain our gold medal status it’s going to be important for all of our age groups to perform, from our 10-and-unders to 11-12s to 13-14s – it’s not necessarily a senior-level coaching discussion.


What are two of your team’s goals in 2020?

It’s an Olympic year so we want to be at our best at Olympic Trials – getting people qualified for Trials and then performing the best that people are capable of doing. The second goal is throughout our program, we want to make sure we’re coaching our kids from 8-and-unders through the senior group to the best of our ability and making sure the coaching is connected through the program.


What are three factors that have led to your team’s success?

  1. Consistency. Again, these goals are something that we review every year and keep in front of us, so the consistency of our goals and that message from our coaching staff is really important.
  2. Our athletes. Our families have to buy into that success. They’re a very important part – they dream big and believe they can swim at a high level, and the parents are supportive of the organization in many different ways by being great parents and great volunteers.
  3. Our coaches. The ability of our coaches to connect. It takes a lot of us to influence a program. Athletes can have multiple coaches throughout their career and we want them to have quality coaches throughout their time in the program.



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