How to Secure Your Team's Zoom Meetings

How to Secure Your Team's Zoom Meetings

By USA Swimming  | Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Unfortunately, there is a new term now during the Coronavirus quarantine period called “Zoom Bombing” where unauthorized people hack and enter Zoom meetings. We have heard of this happening to a few swim clubs and have read of examples happening during online learning sessions where the hacker may show offensive images or try to upset participants by shouting racial slurs or profanity. USA Swimming’s IT department recommends that you use the following steps to safeguard your Zoom meeting from being hacked by using the best practices below.

Steps to Protect You and Attendees During Zoom Calls

Require a password when scheduling new meetings.

A password will be generated when scheduling a meeting and participants will be required to enter the password to join the meeting.

Do not make meeting information public Enable the waiting room.

This allows hosts to limit the entry into the meeting.

Manage screensharing options.

Limit screensharing to host-only Require passwords for joining by phone.

Disable desktop/screen share for users.

Do not enable the “join before host” option. This will ensure no one joins your meeting before you.         

Watch this instructional video provided by Zoom.




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