Swimming Community Coronavirus Resources

Swimming Community Coronavirus Resources

By USA Swimming  | Tuesday, April 7, 2020

USA Swimming has a new Coronavirus Swimming Community Resource Page available to you. This section is a compilation of resources not generated by USA Swimming itself, but culled from companies, organizations, teams and coaches that we thought you might find useful. This page is constantly being updated so be sure to check back for additional posts and information.

It is divided into three sections:

  1. Webinars & Podcasts. This section includes upcoming webinars and also previously recorded sessions as well.
  2. Business Resources. Information about the CARES Act, Small Business Administration Resources, Nonprofit Resources, General Resources, and examples of what clubs are doing with Team Dues.
  3. Connecting Remotely with Your Athletes. A resource section for ideas that we have heard from teams across the country.

If you have any additional resources that you’d like to share with the coaching community, please email them to Tom Avischious.



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