Team  Services Plan of Action

Team Services Plan of Action

By USA Swimming  | Tuesday, April 7, 2020

As we approach April and the coming months, Team Services continues to work through an action plan to serve USA Swimming coaches and clubs with as many resources and tools as we can make available. Our goal is to be in contact with every team and every coach. As you might guess, this can be a hefty challenge when we are talking about 3,000+ clubs and over 20,000 coaches, but instead of staring at the staircase, we are taking this one step at a time.

That first step is to build personal lines of communication directly to our members. We have been in the process of reaching out to all the LSC general chairs with the goal of setting up weekly head coach calls and/or attending LSC Board calls. This allows us to listen to every club at the local level and hear the questions and concerns that continue to arise as we move through the COVID-19 situation. Many of the LSCs that have already set up a weekly communication plan with their coaches and clubs have made great strides in bringing their “community” together.

Our next step is to move everything we provide to a virtual offering. We have been moving many of the tools and resources we offer at camps and clinics to webinar-based content and/or ad hoc presentation offering at the LSC level. Our Program Development and Performance Development Managers (listed below) will be offering these resources on the Zoom platform. Making this offering at the LSC and Head Coach’s level first, then letting it flow down to every club is how we are going to hit the numbers we are striving for. We understand this communication process will be different for many of you, but we want to work through those challenges.

Please reach out to your LSC General Chair and let’s get that weekly coaches call set up. If these calls are already established, include us!  In the meantime, call or email, we are here to help you.

Eastern Zone

Scott Colby – Performance Development Manager

Tom Avischious – Senior Director of Team Services

Central Zone

Mark Hesse – Performance Development Manager

Randy Julian – Program Development Manager

Western Zone

Juan Caraveo – Program Development Manger

Jaime Lewis – Performance Development Manager

Southern Zone

Brendan Hansen – Director of Team Services

Jay Chambers – Performance Development Manager



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