(Temporarily) Dechlorinated: It’s Getting Dinghy

(Temporarily) Dechlorinated: It’s Getting Dinghy

By Chase McFadden//Contributor  | Wednesday, April 8, 2020

By a quick show of hands, who here is experiencing his or her first pandemic?

Let’s see... one, two, three, four — young lady, is your hand up? — five, six, over in the back is seven, eight, nine... think we’ll just stop there. Looks to be most of us.

You could say all of humanity is in the same boat right now, but that’s not quite accurate. We’re actually in millions and millions of little boats — socially-distanced-and-disinfected dinghies — tethered together by lengths of rope six feet long.

Society as a whole has been forced to form an armada of bubble-wrapped life rafts. You can see your friends and neighbors floating nearby, wave to them, shout at them even. You just can’t be in close enough proximity to sneeze on them, which, to be honest, is a bit uncouth under less-viral conditions.

So here we find ourselves, floating rudderless in uncharted, unchartered waters.

Uncharted because we’re attempting to navigate a historically unfamiliar, unprecedented course. Unchartered because not a single one of us signed up for this coronavirus cruise, but each and every one of our names is sure as heck penned on the ship’s manifest.

None of this is ideal, but it is doable. Fortunately, many swimmers have an advantage over the average landlubber. (Not just because of the whole boat/water analogy, either.)

Personal qualities that serve an individual well under challenging circumstances are determination, commitment and focus. Characteristics that prove invaluable are grit, perseverance and patience.

Sounds a lot like a swimmer.

Swimmers tend to have an innate tolerance for personal discomfort, as well, and there isn’t anything more personally discomforting than sitting cramped and cooped on the couch of your life boat next to a will-remain-unnamed family member who is obnoxiously chewing on ice throughout the entirety of Toy Story 4.

It’s not going to be perfect. You’re not going to be perfect. None of us are. That’s okay. Just stay the course.

We’re not going to be huddled up in these dinghies forever.



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