Support for USA Swimming Clubs

Support for USA Swimming Clubs

By Joel Shinofield//Managing Director, Sport Development  | Wednesday, April 29, 2020

USA Swimming clubs are the one place where kids get a USA Swimming experience. Those experiences only happen because of the 21,000 coaches who create these opportunities across the country. Very simply, our teams are USA Swimming. Our clubs are where Olympic dreams are born, where kids find confidence, and where the lessons of our sport are taught. Every one of us at USA Swimming knows that you and your teams are vital.

To that end, USA Swimming has initially pledged $1M in grants, funded by the USA Swimming Foundation, to support clubs and members impacted economically by the COVID-19 pandemic. Teams are eligible to be considered for a relief grant of up to $5,000. Information for applying can be found here.  Financial support for clubs would not be possible without the work that many LSCs have done to create their support programs, which will allow us to focus on clubs in the LSCs with fewer resources to help their teams.

In addition to this direct financial support, we will continue to assist in other ways, including free enterprise Zoom licenses for clubs, mental health support for coaches through our EAP, personal financial counseling from One America, webinars, virtual summits and camps, virtual club visits, and more to help you keep your athletes and families engaged. 

One of those ways to keep your athletes engaged will be educational access to the 2016 Olympic Finals race footage. The USOPC owns all footage from our Olympic Trials and the Olympic Games and rarely grants blanket access to the library. Following our request, the USOPC have allowed us access to their YouTube channel of 2016 footage for our coaches to use for educational purposes with their teams. You can use the footage to do race analysis, keep your athletes excited about the sport, and other virtual educational opportunities with your team. We hope to gain access to additional Olympic footage for your use. In the meantime, we also have free access to the movie the Last Gold, which you can also share with your team.


2016 Rio Olympic Finals Race Video

The Last Gold

password: lastgold2016



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