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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Deck Pass Frequently Asked Questions

Deck Pass Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that you may have a question about Deck Pass that you don't know the answer to. The Deck Pass team has put together the following list of frequently asked questions to help answer your questions about this new program.

If you still can't find what you're looking for, contact the Deck Pass team at


A: Deck Pass is an online platform that tracks swimmers’ times and rewards them with digital incentives. USA Swimming members can track their best times, set goals, check their IMX scores and earn digital patches for their achievements. All swimmers can track their times via the log book and also set personal goals. Deck Pass also allows you to connect with friends and family and you can also share your achievements by connecting your account to Facebook.
A: Anyone can register for a Deck Pass account, just login to the app or Once you sign-up, you’ll need to connect your account to your USA Swimming membership in order for your times to show up on your Scoreboard.
A: Absolutely! Deck Pass is available for everyone.
A: Yes, Deck Pass for both USA Swimming members and non-members. Deck Pass Plus is also available for $1.99, which has all of the original functionality of Deck Pass…PLUS some new sweet features!
A: No, Deck Pass is for everyone; USA Swimming members, coaches, parents, officials, team leaders, non-members and fans. There are no age restrictions to have a Deck Pass account. 
A: Yes! As a parent, you can have a Deck Pass account.  By logging onto your Deck Pass account through, you can link all your swimmers to your parent account.  Please note that each swimmer must have a Deck Pass account already created. 
A: Families with multiple swimmers will have two options - On, parents will need to create a Parent account for themselves and athlete accounts for each of their swimmers.  Once the accounts are created, the parent can add each swimmer to their personal account.
-On the Deck Pass app, you will need to use connect with your swimmers through the friend request option.
A: Deck Pass users can choose to use the public or sharing aspects of Deck Pass. Users can also choose to keep their experiences private. The privacy of our members is extremely important to USA Swimming and no information collected through Deck Pass will be shared or made public unless a user “opts in” and chooses to share that information. All information collected in Deck Pass is subject to USA Swimming’s Online Privacy Policy. The full terms of use for Deck Pass can be found at the bottom of this page.
A: Deck Pass users have two options for their profile image. Choose an avatar or upload a photo.
A: You can easily make it so your friends can or cannot see your personal goals by visiting your Deck Pass page settings or by logging on to
A: We’re always looking into new platforms but with the cost of development, we have to wait until we see substantial mobile market share before we do anything. Currently, we don’t have plans for the Windows phone but we are keeping our eye on it. You can still access Deck Pass through via your smartphone or tablet.
A: Only USA Swimming headquarters, local swimming committee, and your coach can award you patches. If you have any additional questions, you can ask the Patchmaster by emailing
A: No. You only have the choice to make your goals private or available to all your friends on Deck Pass. However, you can always print out your goals and give them to your coach.
A: My IMX tracks your current and past IMX Scores, and your National LSC, Club and Zone rankings. Not familiar with the program? Visit


A: All USA Swimming members will have access to their membership card information through their Deck Pass account (online and mobile). The digital card can serve as proof of current membership.
A: Digital athlete membership cards will include the athlete’s name, registration date, expiration date, Local Swim Committee (LSC) and club name, athlete I.D. number (excluding the birth month, birth date and birth year i.e ******ANTBSMIT) and last competition date, along with any designation to seasonal membership where applicable.
A: The digital non-athlete membership card will include name, registration date and registration expiration date, LSC and club name, I.D. number, background check and Athlete Protection Training expiration dates (plus CPR/AED and Safety Training for Swim Coaches expiration dates for coach members). The expiration dates will change color – yellow when they expire within 30 days, red when expired. Non-athlete members will receive email and/or text reminders when any of their requirements are expiring.
A: Please contact your Local Swimming Committee chair to update your information. Your LSC will be able to correct your information in the database. All corrected information will be displayed on one’s Deck Pass account. Clubs will also see the updated information on their athlete roster through their club portal on the USA Swimming website, but since the club’s software is used to create the database used by Deck Pass, please be sure that your club corrects its database as well.
A: Deck Pass users have the opportunity to receive great deals from USA Swimming and their partners! Fans must create a Deck Pass account in order to access these special deals!
A: If you already have a Deck Pass account, please follow the steps to access your member card. 1. Visit 2. Select the “Sign In” button at the top of the screen. 3. Sign into your Deck Pass account 4. Click MY ACCOUNT and look under USA SWIMMING MEMBERSHIP LINK and click LINK MY ACCOUNT.  Then type in your first name, middle name and date of birth.  It will locate your member record and you click This Is Me. 5. Select the “My Deck Pass” button at the top of the screen. 6. Scroll down to the "Current Status" section on the left hand side of the screen. 7. Click the “Member Card” link.
8. A PDF of your membership card will pop on your screen, please print a copy for your records.


A: There are a variety of ways to earn patches. Swimmers can earn patches for their performance in the pool, for being a member of USA Swimming or even through LSC and coach-generated patches. The majority of patches are generated at the USA Swimming headquarters in Colorado Springs. However, patches can be assigned by your coach and LSC (Local Swim Committee). Patches are either auto generated or manually assigned.
A: All USA Swimming sanctioned-meets generate times that are stored in Deck Pass.
A: Electronic results from swim meets are sent to a state volunteer and then those results are submitted to the “SWIMS” database, where all USA Swimming times are stored. Results are processed daily and then automatically calculated for which patches you are eligible for. These calculations are done nightly and patches are posted each morning.
A: Your times from a USA Swimming meet should be posted no more than 48 hours after the meet is finished. Deck Pass support staff will do its best to get results posted as soon as possible so that your patches are displayed in a timely manner.
A: In this scenario, the Deck Pass Team would encourage the user to contact their Local Swim Committee (LSC) as the times have not yet been submitted to USA Swimming’s SWIMS database.
A: Times that you would put in your log book should come from meets that wouldn’t count for USA Swimming purposes. You are putting them in there because you want a way to keep track of them or you are not currently a member of USA Swimming. This is a simple easy place to put the information somewhere so you can keep track of it. It’s a great way to log your high school dual meet times or your summer league swims. These are times that wouldn’t normally count for USA Swimming but still want a record of them. That’s the main reason for the log book, to keep track of everything that you have swum.
A: Patches were given out starting September 1, 2011. From that point, you can receive both seasonal and lifetime patches, however, your times prior to September 1, are available.
A: At the beginning of the season, you do not have any times stored in Deck Pass. Once you compete, these times will appear.
A: If you’ve got a great idea you can either email your suggestions to or just tell your coach and they can make a coach assigned patch.
A: If you are missing a patch, you can email Be sure to say what patch you are missing and the Deck Pass support staff will look into it.
A: Deck Pass encourages users to try new things...whether it’s setting new goals or trying a new event at an upcoming meet. A full list of patches is not available, but there are hundreds of patches out there so start swimming and see which ones you can earn!


A: You can find friends and family and add them to your Deck Pass scoreboard account through the Deck Pass portal, however, both parties will have to agree that they know each other in order to connect.  
A: If you are over the age of 13, you cannot connect with anyone under the age of 13 on Deck Pass. Deck Pass users under 13 can add friends who are over 13 but they have to initiate the contact.


A: Yes! Deck Pass is available both online and via a mobile application. You will be able to access your information at home and on-the-go. The mobile app will have the same information as your online account. SWIMS pushes new information daily to both the mobile and website at the same time so the two should look exactly the same.
A: The Deck Pass and Deck Pass Plus mobile app is available in the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play store.


A: Coaches can award Deck Pass patches only to swimmers that are linked to their coaching account in the USA Swimming database and currently have a web account.
A: On the award patches menu, there is a check box next to your swimmer's name or a green check mark that signals whether or not your swimmer has a web account.
A: Coaches are only able to use the Deck Pass patch templates to create patches. The patch name can be unique to your club; however, you cannot currently upload your own image to be used as a patch.
A: The following quick links are available on coach Deck Pass pages: Club Roster, Season Summary, IMX Report, IMX Certificates, Club IMX/IMR Swim Times Report, Testing & Certifications, Club Portal Reports, Contact Sports Development Consultant.
A: The colors are based on a stoplight system. Green means your certification is currently valid and red means that an action is required.

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